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  1. So I've been reading through the Road Map that Matt has uploaded back in March. It seems since April 2023 it has been very quiet and I am anxious to know what the plan is and what we can expect. Unless I've missed it, it seems like we haven't been given any updates on the progress of the roadmap and when we can expect these promises to come though. Does anyone have any idea or links to updated forums I can read through? I was a little upset with this Halloween event as I thought we were getting updated events but it was just recycled stuff we've already played. I've been on this game for about 9 years and I feel like I'm only sticking around at this point out of loyalty for the game, but I'd be lying if I said that the current progress of the game is adequate. If we keep getting recycled content and no more progression or levels or SOMETHING. The OG player base will inevitably die out. Any progress of PROOF of progress would be wonderful to see. Happy Monday everyone!
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