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  1. Please send help, I don't think Little orbits hamsters can take any more DDOS
  2. I think you miss understand when i say "Support" As in i'm trying to kill and hold objectives, not going out of my way and chasing down people half across the city (You know damn well people in teams do that, they do for me at-least) while trying to assist in gunfights. Offering medispray if we are stuck in a small room and under fire, or we just got hit by a nade, is useful. I'm not amazing at the game, but i know what i'm doing in most situations. Even if people do kill me i still try to focus on the mission and assist them in the whole not dying thing. My problem is if they are clearly out skilled, along with myself and turn to other players since they cant possibly put the blame on themselves because they are so perfect and pro, rather take their frustrations out on their team, is where i annoyed. So support doesn't really just mean offering ammo and such, i'm just not actively chasing people down and jeopardizing an objective.
  3. Jericho yeah. Hah, i wish that was effective. In all honesty i dont think they care
  4. I can relate to assisting in a gunfight and being team killed over and over for "killstealing" When there was no chance a mediocre guy with an HVR against someone with an OCA would win without back up. I just don't get it, its like everyone wants to get Everyone down, there is no team cohesion in open districts and there is only aggression towards team mates. Even i have witnessed 255 gold players team kill new bronze and silvers because "yall trash"
  5. I'm not great at the game, though i try to support my team out and switch weapons when needed (Like close range using the Oca, or longer mid i use Obir or AF-97) Along with supplying ammo on defense missions and offering heals with the medispray. But of course if im not getting a ton of kills, i get tked and called trash. I don't see a point of trying to assist my team with kills when they are fucking me over because of how i preform. I feel as if there should be something to deter this, because the current system to handle stuff like that is non existent. I'm not offering any to say there should be changes but im not sure what else to do during those missions.
  6. Ah, well atleast they can implement more things with a much updated engine easier, I expect a lot of stuff to be place holder for a bit anyways. also who tf is downvoting these lol.
  7. Lets hope so, i don't think they would implement a new engine without doing something as simple as lighting, physics on the other hand..
  8. I assume that will be fixed with the new engine, seeing that any light source will in turn, produce light.
  9. when you are jumping over a fence and someone happens to graze by you and are instantly stopped. or when modding your weapon, it will sometimes freeze up when trying to clear a mod.
  10. In my opinion, i think its slow because of the matchmaking, maybe fights are a bit too one sided, or maybe it just takes too long to get into the match. I can agree the payout usually isn't great, i am rank 177 and i've been playing for a year and some change, still though it feels quite slow.
  11. I'm real grey, but hey that's okay. At-least i am a robot,
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