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  1. Asparii

    APB Roadmap

    Oh, I'm not complaining about the UI. Personally I like it. I just wanted to know if LO plans on doing a sort of "rebranding" of how APB looks. (Though I do agree the Inventory does need a bit of work)
  2. I swap between Silver and Bronze district depending on what character I'm playing and I don't see any of this. I get the odd person that I think *might* have some sort of walls but I tend to just blame it on them seeing me from lag or sound whoring since it's so few and far between. I've noticed players are still hackusating, and even me when I'm just spamming my opgl I get accused of walling.
  3. Asparii

    APB Roadmap

    Are there any plans (Near or far) to change the UI to a design more suiting where LO wants to take APB? Or are you guys happy with it and only feel if needed minor touch ups will be applied? And in the Q/A you mentioned the P/N 5 system needed work, are there any current ideas to rework it or is this a more down the line thing?
  4. Asparii

    Mentor program

    For experienced gamers, yes. But not always for new people to APB or even in general. I mean the website name isn't even the same as the publishing company now. It also helps to have someone experienced showing you about, if you don't want the help don't take it. But some people like to be shown how the game works.
  5. Asparii

    Mentor program

    Yes but they need to know these things exist, or even how to use them. I think some form of "mentor" program would be nice. Players needing to ask for help is obvious, but a lot of the time they will get flamed for asking, and if they don't ask then no one knows they need help. It's a tricky situation but if you look at how TF2 did it that worked pretty well.
  6. Being a GM is more then skill, but unfortunately we can't assume every good player will be a good moderator (and vice versa) That's why there's application and Lixil is going through them thoroughly, picking the right people shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Asparii

    Ease deletion of expired weapons from locker.

    I've always wondered this, is there any benefit to actually keeping expired weapons? I've never found a use besides for when I rebuy it it'll be in the same place.
  8. LO already mentioned they were doing balances. But..But...It's APB!
  9. Asparii

    Questions for LO

    What's LO's plan to stop griefing from players outside your mission? This is probably one of the best derails I've seen.
  10. Asparii

    So, bout that player cap.

    That's fair enough. But you have the yukon in your signature so you're arguments invalid As much as I'd hope the server patch will "fix" the servers, I feel like it's only going to be a small fix to stop the major lag issues, not exactly making the servers good but making them acceptable, adding the extra 20 players may not be a good idea until we're certain the servers will be up to scratch for it.
  11. Asparii

    So, bout that player cap.

    Making plans like this may be kind of pointless. LO has stated they want to redo the threat system and the servers, so I think they might even change the player pop cap to fit with whatever new system they come up with for threat. And at the current point in time I don't mind 40 v 40, the streets can get a bit chaotic/troll filled with so many people running around in the district (Which iirc Matt Scott said was an issue as well [Though far off])
  12. Asparii

    the dog pound

    Dog Pound sounds like a furry gathering
  13. Asparii

    APB Roadmap

    Is there any word or current thoughts on Less Than Lethal or is this balancing focused on lethal weapons for the moment?
  14. Asparii

    APB Roadmap

    It better be a go kart
  15. As LO have already said they're working on the anticheat issue now. With the implementation of BE and the removal of ban broadcasts things are certainly moving. As LO have stated they won't be broadcasting bans for how toxic it is, however I do believe they may push a feature for us to find out (E.G: "Person you reported has been banned) however nothing's concrete, but there won't be broadcasting how there was with fairfight. Unfortunately there's not much I think LO can do in their current state, fixing this is a long way away. What you can do as a player is just ignore them. Fairfight's still working in the background while BE is collecting data, but the main anti cheat tool will be BE once it's up and running It's still against the rules and people have been threatened with bans if they do it. I don't know LOs current stance on it in detail. However Matt Scott has stated the team will be reworking the threat system, so we can assume dethreatening won't be as bad of an issue (And once there's active GMs that should help it too The forums are 18+, the game it's self is rated as M, so it's not 18+. However you don't get muted for using "bad" words, you get muted for using them in a bad way. (I.E Being mean) Some people like Battle Royale, and at the end of the day it's content so I personally don't mind, even though I'm not personally a fan of BR modes. But each to their own in regards to this. I hope that helps clear up a few things.