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  1. These are awesome. Any chance of higher res versions for those of us with poor spending habits?
  2. I know this has already been refuted but I wanted to quickly drop something in. The GM team (And LO at large) have already stated that they do not publicise punishments. Just because you don't get a response saying "We did X to player Y based on your report" doesn't mean they don't do anything. See posts above for already linked "I got banned for dethreating" posts.
  3. I try and make a habit of reading the entire post and not just the TLDR but..Damn I'm gonna have to compromise on that here. I thought I'd give my opinion on this. Having more players in a district would be fun, especially if the district was stable however what's the point of having a fully functioning large district if the weapons aren't fun to play with? At least how it is now the servers are stable, not as large as they could be but they're certainly viable, and having those balanced weapons in my opinion is more important for where the current state of the game is. I also think it's easier to focus on major updates before doing smaller ones, as smaller ones won't always go smoothly and will constantly push things back further and further.
  4. Unfortunately APB isn't all 18+, but there's not really a way to stop the kids. (Though I always found it funny listening to kids screaming at each other in skype not realising they had proxy chat on) APB's player base has increased by an average of about ~400-500 players, and has had districts much more active, especially in times outside of peak hours (Which is my main play time so it's been very noticeable for me). I think it's also worth pointing out the community has become a lot better, while G1 was running the joint the community was pretty well all in agreement G1 wasn't doing a very good job, but now the only people calling the developers not dedicated/bad are just trolling/raging. Yes there's been no *massive* increase in players, but it's been noticeable, and that with the general attitude change has certainly pushed APB away from being considered "dead".
  5. If you cheat on another account that's not really a false positive, since you still cheated using your PC. To which you got caught for. I don't think people should only get banned on the one account, if you hack at all you should be banned from everything. But my point is there's no point to saying someone was banned if they're playing now and they aren't cheating, G1's bans just weren't reliable enough to judge anyone off. (Excluding the ones with substantial evidence)
  6. Notice how there's hardly any hackers around/if any? A lot of bans were false positives, even G1 admitted to that.
  7. The game has increased in players substantially ever since LO took over..?
  8. Can anything validate our existance?
  9. My favourite part is probably the start where he spends a good 15 seconds trying to figure out why he can't kill the other players. Golden
  10. Asparii

    Turf Wars!

    So your issue with this is that APB runs a weird open world PVP combat system, compared to PlanetSide's where it's just open world PVP and you aren't restricted by who you're against. APB first off is a much smaller map, and some redesigning of them would be lovely, fixing broken spots, and even possibly making it bigger. Which I think we already both agree on, however we'd need to look at how the "turf wars" would work, since APB doesn't run in constant PVP you'd have to "flag up" for turf wars or something, which would then essentially make it open PVP against anyone else in turf wars, your issue with this though is it takes these players away from the match making pool since their doing something else (Same issue if you make it a different district entirely). I don't have any idea how you'd make it work for APB, and personally don't think it would work simply because of how APB is set up. Though I would love to see some form of territory control system. (Maybe completing missions gives points to your clan which increases influence/territory in the district?)
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