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  1. Asparii

    Turf Wars!

    So your issue with this is that APB runs a weird open world PVP combat system, compared to PlanetSide's where it's just open world PVP and you aren't restricted by who you're against. APB first off is a much smaller map, and some redesigning of them would be lovely, fixing broken spots, and even possibly making it bigger. Which I think we already both agree on, however we'd need to look at how the "turf wars" would work, since APB doesn't run in constant PVP you'd have to "flag up" for turf wars or something, which would then essentially make it open PVP against anyone else in turf wars, your issue with this though is it takes these players away from the match making pool since their doing something else (Same issue if you make it a different district entirely). I don't have any idea how you'd make it work for APB, and personally don't think it would work simply because of how APB is set up. Though I would love to see some form of territory control system. (Maybe completing missions gives points to your clan which increases influence/territory in the district?)
  2. They very well do. BattleEye is a comprehensive service for them to explain bans, also going through their own documentation as bans are approved by moderators. They also have shown a willingness to do this, and in my opinion are very well competent. The reason it takes a week for them to respond is the amount of support tickets that they have to go through, you can't assume you're the only one. Matt Scott has been posting Customer Support statistics, which you can go check. (I think they were averaging at about 300-500 tickets cleared in a week) Their response may not be quick, but it very well will be proper, and with good intent. LO have already proven this to us.
  3. Yeah the boys We finally did it
  4. My man If you do get banned again it will provide a log to LO to which you can get from support, they will be able to see what triggered your ban, and clarify if it was a false positive.
  5. A dynamic IP and a VPN are two different things. A dynamic IP is also in a pool of IPs, so it'll almost always be similar to the previous IP assigned by the ISP. A VPN can be picked up because it's running on your PC/Router, and with how BE scans your PC it'll know that's not your true connection, it can also pick you up service side by realising you were playing from America, then suddenly Russia. (This method doesn't immediately disconnect you by default, though it will flag you. (EDIT: Really hard to get caught this way since you usually don't swap IPs mid game..) What kicked you and with what message? (If you could provide a screenshot that would be awesome)
  6. This is very well correct. UubeNubeh DaWog beat me to it BE runs system wide, monitoring everything your computer does to not only interact with the game, but your PC in general. There was a application opacity control program (I don't remember it's name) that people would use on APB and put an image of something behind it to replicate it in APB. Applications like this will be picked up, even though it isn't combat related. I don't know for certain in regards to VPNs, but I imagine they would be blocked with the reason that creating new accounts and just running a VPN so you can't get IP banned would be rampant if they didn't. BE does have quite a lot of customisation settings, (and is actually really well done) so I imagine LO have had it block VPNs. Though we would have to have someone at LO confirm this for us. (Or you could contact support) It's very unlike BE to dish out a false positive as it does act similar to VAC in terms of waiting for concrete proof before banning, (Much unlike how Punkbuster ran) EDIT: One thing I want to mention as a side note, BE has a very in depth scanning system. I don't believe it bans you for having cheats/malicious programs on your PC, but it does detect them. As described by BE: "Fast dynamic and permanent scanning of the player’s system in user- and kernel-mode using innovative, sophisticated specific and heuristic/generic detection and cheat analysis routines for maximum effectivenes"
  7. Asparii

    Fix the Case and heavy equipment bug

    To be fair, there are many missions where heavy objects make the mission unwinnable and will almost always end in a draw, or a completely one sided stomp. These bugs are kind of a way to make them more playable until they are redone.
  8. Is LO planning on allowing the new report system to account for players breaking rules instead of specifically cheating? Or is there another plan to counter toxic players?
  9. Asparii

    AU APB discord

    For the 30 AU/NZ players?
  10. Yeah but..It's the APB community. So this is guaranteed An easy fix to this would be give cops the ability to raid apartments or something. Give them some sort of farming feature that would work the same as ram raiding, and give Crims an equivalent to LTL. Then buff LTL because it's garbage
  11. It's much quicker to save (unarrest?) someone then it is to arrest them, you also have the advantage of being crouched if you're being shot at when saving someone, but that's a minor thing. You need to consider how the rest of the gun plays into it though. LTL has a disadvantage in every way, so that increased difficulty in stunning someone before they can kill you can also be considered the reason why you get to keep someone down longer, but on top of that they can be saved. Yes you get extra cash but it's really not worth it considering how little extra you get. They'd be direct downgrades to any actual Lethal weapon, there'd be no point in using them. This would just be broken, lethal guns aren't made to be LTL. You also aren't considering hard damage. If you put this on an LMG you'd be able to destroy vehicles, and stun people in seconds with your ROF, the Harrier 3 would also be an instant stun. As nice as it is to try and balance LTL the way to do so isn't to remove them, just change their stats, give crims the same option with possibly different skins/looks and instead of arresting have them take the cops hostage (Which I guess would be a similar animation. I always imagined they'd beat them to do or something but hostage works too)
  12. I think it'd be best to wait and enjoy the improved servers before we start stressing them again.
  13. Ah, my b. I dunno, having someone look at you for ~8 seconds can be pretty hard to accomplish on its own.
  14. Maybe we're talking about different spotting but I'm pretty sure there's an indicator above your head not only indicating you've been tagged but how you've been tagged as well.