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  1. or must i wait another 100 days for nothing to change and more bad decisions to be made? pls
  2. wat is point of buying apb if u hardly change it sir
  3. 'the price is purely to prevent abuse' LMAOOOOOOOOOO i lose faith in these bullshoot artists everyday
  4. really low latency but teleport and stuter
  5. you are changing improved rifling, another thing you obviously dont understand mr LO... improved rifling is not used on shotguns because shotguns have spread you cannot deal high dps past 10m with a shotgun so why would you try to use it at 20m? switching to a secondary > spraying 8 jg rounds at 30m
  6. ur shotgun idea is systematically flawed good luck trying to adjust it...
  7. there is no community its just the same 5 neckbeards spamming the forums, they are probably paid by LO to pretend the game is alive the weapon updates are horrible and the servers dont work
  8. when i run launcher its downloading 6 gb even though i copied over
  9. the servers are being ddosed
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