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  1. ClearlyClueless

    Constant game stuttering

    Ever since LO started doing their network changes I've been having worse and worse issues with this game, but now the game is almost unplayable since it will randomly stutter at any point in time. No matter what I'm doing: shooting, running, getting shot at, loading in, changing weapons, rotating my camera this game will stutter (freeze for about .5 to 1 seconds), sometimes 2-3x in a row. Tried re-seating PC components, Different DIMM slots for RAM, single/dual stick setup different refresh rates on my main monitor different monitors unplugging everything (sound devices, other USB devices) uninstalling any software that might interfere with APB APB on HDD/SSD Pagefile on HDD/SSD Nothing so far has stopped it. I've see one other person complain about this happening, but not much else. I'm I the only experiencing this?
  2. ClearlyClueless

    Server lag update

    My latency was fine until later in the evening where it doubled and it felt like I was shooting blanks half the time as well every step I took was constant stuttering. I ended up moving to lobby and rejoining, latency didn't change but at least I wasn't constantly stuttering. This was to Jericho from Midwest.