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  1. The color fonts are new technology, you can use it for your projects. The only problem is chrome won't display it in color, only black but edge and firefox and graphic applications will @Abby
  2. Camera Should Zoom Out A Bit More Back
  3. Good Idea, many modern games implement it. Would be a good addition! +1
  4. First of all happy 4th of july to everyone in APB Community. How was Your 4th of july? Me as a daily player of this game and a long time veteran, even though i am working my best to divert from online games & build towards what i dream of -- a digital download site. I always get attracted back to APB, it's such a fun game. I have no other game then apb installed on pc right now, no lies. No other game can beat APB. Not even GTA Online. Anyway, the purpose of this off topic post i created today was to show off a font i created for 4th of july . It's called USA Americano Color Font, i am really happy to give it for free. I am not sure if i am allowed to post links here lol , never did - let's try - https://www.ceirt.com/store/free/americano-color-font/ Also, this is my facebook page if you want to get upto date of what i make. I am planning on making a 3d jeep model, revolver and such https://www.facebook.com/ceirtstudios/ Regards, EightPower *The 255 Cream Of Citadel*
  5. me too free armas weapons with more levels and contacts.
  6. I hope they would have removed the like page and updating Direct X everytime i launch the game.
  7. Is the O.T.W - for unreal engine 4.0? or 3.5? or just for testing like bugs and stuff? Thanks, I downloaded it, will check.
  8. It's like a different installer compared to the APB installer that we can download and play on or what is it ? P.S : I like the install process , pretty cool!
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