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  1. Hello, I'm here today to talk directly to LO ... in the last weeks I have noticed very abrupt drop in the active players in the game and I was apprehensive about this because we had the official announcement of wrapping activities of Just Survive published by Daybreak, anyway I would like to know how Little Orbit is dealing with this decrease in the frequency of the players? I have a lot of hope in the work of the company and I know well the challenges that the same is facing with APB and I hate putting more pressure on the team but ... I believe that the team should get ahead as soon as possible in the development of the great patches that will bring really attractive changes to the game as a new trading system, new system of balancing games or even the simple FIX NETWORK / DDoS because I'm sorry to say in this but nothing was solved, and who knows not it would be time for Little Orbit to do good marketing for APB, after all the official page of the game has 1M. of likes and 90% of this value of followers and it is only placed small notes, no conceptual art or any other content, it is as if the pag were to twitter ... Well that's what I want to know Little Orbit's position, because I'm very apprehensive about what can happen to the game,. Sorry for the flawed English ...
  2. This is how our GM used to play with us on BR servers, it was extremely fun to interact with the players while it was sending out bursts of fireworks, and it was also fun to try to play without the administrative commands, it also used to take all players online in one district up a building or something and was playing with everyone. Obviously the method they used on the BR server would not please the NA / EU players, but for the BRs it was really hilarious to interact with it in this way.
  3. Matt, Lixil Those who are criticizing their initiatives in an unconstructive way are the same ones who pray and work day and night for APB to close the doors, do not listen to them all they most want is to see the whole effort of LO collapsing they eat popcorn What we saw here was basically a setback, there was nothing wrong with Lixil's stream outside the fact that his gameplay companion's past history was dubious. Lixil has been doing a lot of work for the community and deserves all the compliments, as proof of this was her magnificent initiative of a stream playing APB. I do not see anything wrong with a GM playing with advanced weapons and / or advanced VS other players (as long as it does not use GMs-only items or commands), only crying kids would complain about something as magnificent as a GM playing on their District. Please Matt do not abandon the gameplay stream, apenes mature and improve the magnificent idea that Lixil had, doing this you can even make adjustments that would help other creators of content of APB would not be great to join the useful to the pleasant? imagine how much information Lexil or even other team members could get by streaming with the players in real time, this would add an excellent experience not only for the players but also for the future development of the APB.
  4. I have approximately 3600 hours of play in APB accumulated around 6 years of play and as told to @Lixilin another post, APB requires of the players creativity and persistence. What I notice when I play with players from the beginning servers for silver and that most see and play APB as if it were GTA or any other game of the FPS genre, get it out of their heads, APB is unique so take the time to understand the mechanics of damage and distance of weapons, cars, modifications and how to vary them all according to the situation. What I see most are players who try to use PMG to kill an N-tec player within 50 meters ... what's the logic of that? all recommendations are practically explicit inside the game, eg PMG is in the sub-machine guns class why would you use it as a rifle ? many look at the veterans throw snipers at close range and jumping and firing from N-tec and venture to try to replicate such movements without even bothering to understand the basic mechanics of weapons and modifications being used, APB is a progressive game to the extreme you will literally take a lot of time to master all of its basics and only when you achieve this will you start understand how a veteran shoots jumping from N-tec, in APB there are no shortcuts there is no way to skip stages of learning carrying do not try to do this.
  5. My current concern, the servers that host APB today do not seem to me suitable for the updates that are to come, I would like to see apb with a better network / server.
  6. @MattScott I would like to know what we can expect from solid in relation to network / APB servers, could you tell us or will we have to wait? I am a moderator of a page with 2400 old and new APB members on facebook hungry for information, many of them just waiting to return to the game... so please give us just one more taste of what's to come in relation to the servers.
  7. receiving a message like "We are working to fix the problem" really brings comfort, however, as Nacitar said many beginning players and even those who returned are again abandoning the game due to the conditions of gameplay caused by the servers, then it comes down to how much time will it take care of the server problem to be solved? Do not misunderstand me, I know that all the staff members are giving way beyond 120% of themselves and doing overtime and that they also have a life beyond APB and we all respect this and admire the way they are working with transparency and dedication, but the servers have been practically odious for 3 weeks in a row ... as my own experience I would like to compare the current APB 2018 senario with APB 2016 when I got to g1, the quality of the servers was another, same abandoned by g1 and full of hacks and etc, the servers ran for min at 90, 100, 120 , 130 ms without any loss of package and currently this value was for 190, 200, 220, 250 ms with absurd losses of package, this only makes me believe that the quality of the servers that host the game are bad, perhaps one should think in migrating it to other servers of better quality or that at least are stable. EDIT: before anyone says anything about my connection, my connection I want to add that from 2016 until 2018 my connection went through significant upgrades that would imply better and not worse results in game... Matt use your sincerity and tell us, do you think the quality of the server that currently hosts APB is good enough?
  8. To dominate an above-average gameplay in APB this would require time and especially persistence, I remember when I started playing and I got horrible in the missions it was frustrating to min to get a result 2/20 at the end ... until I decided exploring my creativity and exploring more of the game's movement was where I learned and really discovered what APB was like. Most beginners invest a lot of time in firmer, more rigid gameplay, but APB is about movement and tricks (not hacked tricks, these never) invest their time in these two points and you understand the essence of the game, nothing of shoot with weapons that allow you to fire on the move without loss of precision or damage, also nothing to stick to a unique style of play like playing only the short distance, playing only at medium distance, playing only from afar in APB you need to master a bit of everything even if you master more plays the short distance sooner or later the game will require you to play the long sleeves and you should be prepared for it. Regarding the weapons do not trust descriptions, because in APB nothing prevents you from using a sniper at close range is enough only that you dominate the short distance and made it will also be at close range (but nothing to catch PMG and find that will cause damage to a target at 60 meters ... be it sensible). About the visuals ... well you can get good results if you take some time to learn about the publisher's features (I'd love to see the methods of editing characters, symbols, cars refined in the future), it's up to you that most legal visuals of the game involve items only available in Marktplace, but do not martirize if your char is not as cool as the others because there are real artists in APB, you may have noticed this if you looked at the auction on the social server. To conclude I would like to say that it is good to hear the staff members talking about the game, I would love to see feedback or even a live of Matt playing (I bet that both he and the spectators would laugh a lot), anyway we would like to read and to know more about the game experience of the staff members, will one day see 1 vs 1 of lixil and selali? Probably my English must be horrible for the natives of the language ... I apologize for this ...
  9. Today again impossible to play APB, packt loss in 20.30,40,50 up to 70 ... Roll Back every 20 seconds, car leaves just flying on hitting a simple road sign, the population really was in the Hype to return to play APB but I believe this will not happen anymore ... LO if your intention really raise APB and give continuity in its development, start doing this by the servers give us servers that really work, you need what to change soon the hosting of the server for a better? money ? Great, just tell us and we'll give it to you, but for God's sake give us high-quality servers or I'm sorry to tell you that APB will close its doors.
  10. I read all the answers to this topic and can say that I understand the concern of Han server players (current APB server that serves asia for those who do not know). LO had a delicate decision to take with Han, it is really sad to see the closure of a server so but as I said in another post with a different subject to this, the Asian market is a huge power of games and certainly can not be left behind. side. I believe Matt has agreed to release Jericho to Han players as a short-term measure to keep the players, have and view that financially it is not viable to maintain an exclusive server for such a reduced base of players as Han is now ... but I am sure that Matt has taken Asia as his schedule for his meetings to find long-term measures, until this day comes to Han players to calm down and watch the next chapter unfold, everyone will be welcome to Jericho it will be a pleasure to play with all of you . I would also like to add that I have noticed a lot of hostility in the responses of those who do not belong to Han. messages like: "Han has 20 players base, just joke they require a solution for a dead server," well that's not how things work, they're just concerned about their situation and love the game as much as players in US and US , the fact that the player base is greatly reduced does not mean that it does not exist and can be ignored. another thing is the rudeness as they dealt with the topic, Han players were super educated exhibiting their point of view while I saw some other players almost exalting themselves, remember they Han players are human too maintain their composure to respond to them, them if you can not do this pessa aid for your mother, help with social education and then go back to the forums.
  11. I would also like to read the feedback from the DEVs about their game experience, if they find the game as "difficult" as many other players say ...
  12. CABINET SETUP • Intel i5 8600k ( stock 3.6GHz - TurboMax 4.3GHz) • Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 1GB OC (i had to keep this because the price of the series 10 increased ;-; ) • TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 4x4(16GB) • Asus ROG Maximus X code • WaterCooler NZXT KRAKEN x62 • NZXT H440 full color black • HDD 2T •SSD Galax Gamer 120GB PERIPHERALs: I do not have photos of them at the moment • keyboard Cougar vantar RGB • mouse Cougar minos X1 (Max DPI 2000) • headset KOTION EACH B3505
  13. Great news, in addition to improving the relationship between the Staff and the players you could experience on the skin much of the positive and negative experiences we have reported for some time. I would particularly recommend that the team monitor closely the network giving it a reinforcement if possible because events like this usually gather a large number of players and in the current situation a high number of hits overturn the connection of all, I also advise if Possible to let the characters / vehicles used by you intangible to the players so they can actually play with more tranquility, believe me when I say that the players tried to enter inside their characters and cars literally (laughs). @Androvald @Aphadon @ShyLO @Lixil
  14. again matt you brought us the answer we needed, its transparency is really admirable. we know that translations have a high cost and there are several other priorities but knowing that you will be giving space for future guidelines involving other communities of non-English mother tongue is really good, we are not hurry follow your own time we will be here to follow this journey. Little orbit is really giving a show my congratulations to the whole team.
  15. Matt Scott his method of work and transparency is really admirable my cincers congratulations, It's good to see that someone is really striving and giving their best for improvements.
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