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  1. No offense but I should not have to contact any of the staff to have my tickets answered. I get that there are alot of tickets but, tickets not being answered for over 60 days is not a good start imo.
  2. Are support tickets being answered at all or? Got 3 open tickets going back well past 50 days.
  3. I agree. It would just be nice to have some kind of reward for a logging in streak, if they don't make it too broken it should be a nice way to help the server stay active/feel more alive. On the other hand, Matt has been talking about implementing new content, that might do the job too
  4. Not sure if this has ever been suggested, but I thought it might be something that makes players log back in daily. Like a RNG type of daily login system with potentionally good/useful rewards.
  5. All I know is that APB is in better hands than before. I'll just hope for the best ~
  6. You can't expect a fat kid to be in shape a month later now can you?
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