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  1. this is a very well presented suggestion, i'm impressed!
  2. APB:Reloaded's community is very diverse. We have players who play this game from many different countries with many different languages, they can happily use their native language if they so wish.
  3. This tool has not been reviewed/tested, use at your own risk.
  4. As said above, all items should have been delivered to your mail. you did the right thing and created a support ticket as this should not have happened, support is quite busy but they should get to your ticket as soon as possible. Thanks!
  5. Hey Tentarro! At the moment tickets are taking a while as Little Orbit are still getting used to the build up of tickets while they were sorting it all out, I do not recommend "resetting your ticket" as then it will take longer to get a response from support. Best you can do is be patient.
  6. What date did you send in a support ticket?
  7. @Bahslin Thanks for that PM! i'm going to continue to the conversation here just incase we find a solution and it helps another player I don't personally see anything out of the normal from that photo... This might be something that support will have to look into as it might be something conflicting with your account and i personally do not have the tools to look into that i'm afraid. Have you contact support about this issue in the past?
  8. Quite a few people do it, i just wanted to make sure that was not an issue Could you do this for me? on your PS4 go to these settings: PS4 Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection send me photo of the test results, it should not contain any personal information but if you feel like it does, please private message me the photo. Thanks!
  9. Are you playing on a vanilla PS4 or have you modded it?
  10. Hello Bahslin! Sorry to hear you're dealing with this issue, it's never fun not being able to access a game you enjoy. I'm going to attempt to help you with this today (hopefully!) Could you walk me through the process on what you do before you encounter this error code and is it always the same error code? Thanks!
  11. Hey Fakey! if you're looking for custom/unique outfit designs the best bet would be to looking the player market (will be different for each server)
  12. Good, if it happens again please send me a PM with some information though! Players are still getting unique disconnects that might not have anything to do with their own internet, it's just best to check to see if it is the player or the server.
  13. Thanks, trying to get more information on this issue.
  14. Can everyone experiencing disconnections please private message me this information Error Code: Disconnection Time & Time Zone: Where You're Located: Character Name: Server: District (if possible):
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