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  1. What date did you send in a support ticket?
  2. @Bahslin Thanks for that PM! i'm going to continue to the conversation here just incase we find a solution and it helps another player I don't personally see anything out of the normal from that photo... This might be something that support will have to look into as it might be something conflicting with your account and i personally do not have the tools to look into that i'm afraid. Have you contact support about this issue in the past?
  3. Quite a few people do it, i just wanted to make sure that was not an issue Could you do this for me? on your PS4 go to these settings: PS4 Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection send me photo of the test results, it should not contain any personal information but if you feel like it does, please private message me the photo. Thanks!
  4. Are you playing on a vanilla PS4 or have you modded it?
  5. Hello Bahslin! Sorry to hear you're dealing with this issue, it's never fun not being able to access a game you enjoy. I'm going to attempt to help you with this today (hopefully!) Could you walk me through the process on what you do before you encounter this error code and is it always the same error code? Thanks!
  6. Glad you were able to resolve this issue Thanks for letting me know!
  7. Hello monster413 Support is currently experiencing a high volume of tickets due to them getting set up with a new support system so ticket responses are going to be delayed. i would expect a week or so at most at this current time maybe a little longer depending. Thankyou for understanding.
  8. Hey Senpai! Have you tried renaming/deleting the following folder if it's present, and run the launcher again: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye also do you get any errors via the battleye client before startup?
  9. Awesome! You're most welcome. i'm glad you got back into the game and thank you for that information
  10. it looks like the file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msvcp110.dll". is blocking battleye from launching successfully (i don't recommend deleting a system file) i'm not a computer genius but you might want to run a quick scan of a your computer with some anti-virus as that's originally a windows file and it could be pretending to be one since it should not be effecting battleye. If nothing is found i suggesting doing a fresh install of APB:Reloaded & Battleye and hopefully that should fix the issue.
  11. Hello Code2018! Welcome to the APB:Reloaded Forums Please take a moment to review our Rules. About your issue. It looks like a program by the name of "Youtube Accelerator" is blocking your access from the game. Try removing/uninstalling this program.
  12. Hello IanWhite! First off, Welcome to the APB:Reloaded Forums. Please take a moment to review our Rules to make sure you don't do anything wrong About your problem Are you able to give this a go to see if it solves your issue? Go to the game folder, then > Binaries > BattlEye > start the batch type file Install_BattlEye
  13. Hey Spy! Have you tried uninstalling the applications/deleting the files that are getting blocked? Try deleting: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL\AlienFX.DeviceDiscovery\v4.0_4.0.49.0__bebb3c8816410241\AlienFX.DeviceDiscovery.dll Edit: i see that this has been taken care of. Thanks guy! If anyone else is having any issues with Battleye please refer to this page You may find your problem and the fix for it via that.
  14. Hey franchino87! Your account has been blocked (This does not necessarily mean for cheating) I would highly recommend contacting support as they can look into your account with better detail and see why your account was blocked. You can contact support via https://support.gamersfirst.com (please keep in mind support is currently dealing with a high volume of tickets so it might take a little longer than usual to get a response)
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