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  1. AAMSS

    Drivers side door lock

    it would be a nice idea .. .but still it might have alot of disadvantages too in some situations ,one of of them : if this team-mate need to escape from an enemy and you just forgot to unlock the car or because you can't unlock the car while you are dead ... who knows ? i actually think the best solution atm is the team chat, you can say : "IF ANYONE TAKE MY F**KING CAR I WILL TK YOU , TEA BAG YOU ,FALSE REPORT YOU and KIDNAP YOU IRL , SO PISS OFF B&#CHES adfhasdjkhasjfh!! " "please leave my car it got a radar to spot enemy at this point" or "it got spawner so we can blah blah"
  2. i think the items should NOT have rotations or last for limited time... there are already permenantly debundled items and of course, the price of each item depends on the main pack. rotations should be only for discounts.
  3. maybe .. but if you think about it... keeping the debundled items will not harm the game income .. ofc not all items should be debundled , however you will notice that some of the tactical gear (Elbow pad and kneel pads) were already debundled from like 4 years ago... and it's price is quiet decent(99 G1C for 1 item) comparing it to the full pack of 12 items + 1 CR -5 skin for 1,199 G1C/( premium 959) . so it's better to buy the full pack if you want all it's items. and for someone like me who already bought 3 debundled items of the tactical pack... i'm not willing to pay 1,199 or 959 g1c to get the full pack (and ofc i'm not the only one who thinks like this and not everyone is willing to buy full pack for only clothing). it's already up, amirite?
  4. i hope the debundle items stay in the clothing menu for a longer time , as all the previous de-bundled stuff were removed ... apparently if you missed a week you must buy the bundle to get the item inside not sure if it was mistake or they did this on purpose.. i want the balaclava back
  5. was going to write alot of stuff , but other members did already mention enough advice/information all what i want to say is: Try not to be sensitive as this game is +18 Rating , if anyone's chat is annoying try to / ignore , oh yeah .. pls send me some too @CookiePuss
  6. In our universe that would make sense, if you can increase the effective range that the mod provides depending on each weapon type .. you can also change the rate of fire reduction for each weapon type too , the WORKLOAD here.... is calculations, that will take long time to have a conclusion which might not be constant. and about " the workload for no actual gain ".. the DEVS started it and even without my "question", it's still a workload, and no hardwork will be done for nothing. BTW i wasn't suggesting, i was asking.
  7. Name : AAMSS Faction : Criminal Clan : Talk Sh!t get hit Country : Joker Asylum Weapons: Joker Carbine ( STAC ) & HVR Gender : Male
  8. oh god it's back...thankfully I DIDN"T LOSE ALL MY 10 LIKES
  9. REWARDS FOR COMMUNITY'S PATIENCE?? duude ... i wish i get that stuff that i bought from armas market first, 19 days and still waiting till now... and i'm not the only one, there are people who are still waiting for almost 2 months.. i'm not against your ideas , BUTTT ... LO are quite busy working on the weapon balance and the new engine currently , and i think that the daily reward thingy can be implemented in the near future.
  10. Sometime, many times joker RFP-9 is more accurate that a rifle. /s and maybe all time it's more accurate than a rifle ... and OH MY OH MY .. the PrO GaMeR CoMbO (RFP-9 + SHOOTGUN) .. I wonder why i see it a lot? .. very nooice
  11. That's true ... still kinda of a doo-doo gun , but as some guns need some love,there some guns need to be adjusted a bit they should nerf joker RFP-9 Effective range or damage and Obeya CR with a harder recoil .. the CR762 needs some sort of a small nerf
  12. current shootgun main players until the OTW changes comes alive (warning : fortnite meme included ) try to lower the volume
  13. @TheDogCatcherif they are inexperienced .. well i think yes ..this the 1st online game they own now + Fallen Earth .... they are trying to make this game alive , and they are trying .. and we shouldn't just keep salting on everything they do wrong.. try to patient with the inexperienced because beside the weapon balance they are doing progress and about the Shootgun meta they are going to nerf it .... check the OTW changes and the upcoming weapon changes... They will do this but after the new engine released
  14. no .. but, .this is currently the state of APB (Heavy (big man) is the community / Solider: is LO)
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