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  1. There is only allowed with 1 person using the Rifleman role. One person using NTEC is not OP at all.
  2. Ye, they both have their up an down sides to em. I like the reload mod for the Huntress, although I'm more of a fan of the silenced Temptress with HS3 and IR3.
  3. VBR "Temptress" perhaps? Not a lot of people use it, although its a really good weapon.
  4. Ooo, I'm ready for this! Time to gather the boys. Thanks for hosting this SKay! Edit: Will there be specific missions that are banned? Considering some missions are really unbalanced. What about item holds? Is it allowed to move them around? (without a car). What about car objectives (steal, loot, etc)? Can the enemy team push these cars around with their own car?
  5. itsExo


    All rise for the Fight Club lord. +1 for Reaper, cool dude.
  6. itsExo

    HVR nerf - the only way

    Highly doubt it will be useless. Yes there will be more Scouts, but thats good. More variety. Not the same meta over and over.
  7. itsExo

    HVR nerf - the only way

    The problem is not that we cant use it, the problem is that everyone can use it and be on top of the scoreboard. I do agree with you that a Heavy Sniper should do a significant amount of damage. My suggestion to nerf/balance the N-HVR 762 would be to reduce it from 85% (850) to 75% (750). Seeing how this would do in an actual mission would be interesting.
  8. @Lixil Excited to see the volounteer program for ingame GMs/Moderators for forums. Thanks again for all the good and hard work!
  9. No, crouchspamming has never been an issue. Dont touch it, it will screw with the combat mechanics that the game has.
  10. Both of these should be removed, including the Mobile Radar Tower. Vehicles should be used for transport, nothing else really.
  11. itsExo


    Never aim with a shotgun and try to use your corners wise.
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