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  1. Well il start saying that im not good at this game. I am a average player silver to be especific and took a brake of apb, when i returned saw the non existing of threath districts. I mind was like okey lets check it out, for my grat surprise o got a losing mission killstreak because kept getting rekt by gold players aka good players and got tilted and salty about it and stopped playing... The point is that i feel should return district for each treath or become good at the game and adapt to it I hear fot some suggestion thanks with respect thanks
  2. Pls help i'm stock on first mission of kill 3 enemies carriying barrels
  3. Snoball01

    Ballistic [Enforcer]

    Lol im rank 145 oh well i guess im trash
  4. Snoball01


    And other tips pls i want to master shotguns
  5. Snoball01


    Thanks at least apb isnt ded
  6. Snoball01


    Pls help. Am not new player but i need to know how Shotgun shoot pls gold players tell how to shoot . If aiming or not . Pls For : gold players Thanks
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