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  1. Maybe you can delete a few duplicate weapons. such as the Joker CR-5 and the VAS 'Sword' these are both normal N-TEC's. Just a suggestion, you don't have to.
  2. Good evening dear community and Little Orbit I'm rather the quiet reader in the forum and must be here a lot going on what is on my heart and just depressed me to start this game. I play APB: Reloaed since 2014 and have nearly 4,000 hours in steam. I too was shit, a noob. But you always get better, be it with the advance launcher or change the resolution or other. Currently I am gold, I have 5 characters, some know them, some do not, I do not care. what I really want is what happened to me today. I was allowed to compete against 2 cheaters today, I do not mince words, but because of such subhuman it only makes me sad to start this game, which I come to the district, and which teleport as if they were son goku , It may be that BattleEye does its job, but sometimes I wanted FairFight back. Because they did their work. The banned these cheaters and never came back, it was the have made a new account which does not take 2 minutes. What I really want, Please do some little orbit. I love APB: Reloaded since I installed it and people like that ruin all my fun. I hope it will change soon in the future. PS. Before all complain about my english. i wrote it first on google translate and copied it. I will ignore any messages about my failures on english and grammar. Greetings and Good Night. EDIT: deleting "i was a silver" because i hurt someone the feelings
  3. "Weeabo" or "Weeb" you can decide @Lixil
  4. Astrapi

    BattlEye Launcher

    I got this since today. I started APB normaly with Steam and i already tried to repair. Did i get only this message or anybody as well? Thanks
  5. Yeah i have to log in manually with e-mail and password and i'm in. i guess the support is already working to fix this issue
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