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  1. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad LO unbanned all my accounts in 2018
  2. Out of memory. Exiting... just like in regular version. i9 12900kf, RTX 4090, 64GB RAM 4000Mhz 400-600 FPS in social 200-250 FPS in Financial no matter which resolution and settings
  3. Crashed or closed forever? No social anymore btw
  4. please let us know if it's never gonna heppen
  5. I don't usually participate in contests but this time, why not? Joe "Lil Joe" Harrison From: Midtown 42 years old Also known as Lil Joe because of his low growth, Joe Harrison was one of the most dangerous killers of San Paro years ago. His life changed suddenly when Kem Puccino, one of the most notorious criminal bosses, announced a $1000000 reward for Joe's head to eliminate the competition. Joe knew about that and always been ready. 39 bounty hunters instantly came to his house to claim the big reward but something went wrong for them. After braking the house door, they heard a strange noise in the kitchen and came there. No one of the bounty hunters could even imagine what it was a smoke bomb trap. Afterwards Joe left his house through a secret basement exit and activated the bomb... 17 of bounty hunters died instantly, 20 more were gunned down by Joe and the other 2 ran away and disappeared. After the firefight, Joe, injured with 16 bullets in his body somehow reached his groupmates' bunker there the surgeon of their band saved Joe by a serious operation. Lucky for Joe, the body armor saved his life so the gun bullets didn't turn him into the dead man instantly. Joe knew about his bounty announcer and prepared a counter attack. Tracking the offender, Joe, with his groupmates killed every Kem Puccino's guard, kidnapped Kem and... What happened next? Joe never tells. But since there, no one knows where is Kem and what happened. After that Joe moved to Midtown to change his life. He decided to try something else by joining the Joker Distribution. Joe's life really changed. Being very successful in the business, he was appointed as a head of the new special Joker Distribution unit with the unique stuff. Back from Midtown, Joe, being one of the most valuable persons of Joker Distribution, sells the goods because he enjoys doing this. And, the more exiting fact, Joe doesn't really need the security, he will protect himself and his stuff.
  6. haven't received anything yet
  7. Ofc I can send some legedaries to other chars but I'd love to keep all the unique weapons on one, main character
  8. Collecting weapons The only thing I deleted was OCA Whisper PR2
  9. Reached the limit of 125 weapons in my inventory, all the weapons are permanent. Problems: 1) There's an item existing in the game named "+20 weapon inventory space" and if I pick it up my inventory will not extend because the maximum is 125 for some reason (picked this item 3 times so my inv space should be 160 instead of 125) 2) grenades are included in the weapon inventory space and cannot be deleted. Really waiting for a patch fixing these issues because 125 weapon spots is not enough!
  10. Imagine any weapon with preset IR3, especially CSG/TAS20 Stock. Everyone will be outshooting you with EVERY shotgun without this mod just because of its fire rate. You won't be happy, will you? Yes, some people (including myself) have most of weapons in their locker and they'll just be using the ones without IR but how about someone who was saving $ for a CSG PR1/Tas20 Stock and bought it finally? This is what I am trying to explain.
  11. IR3 is perfectly balanced atm, why th even nerf it? You are basicly deleting the mod itself from the game. Yes, it does make the range bigger but it makes bloom much bigger aswell, what kind of bull***t it gonna be with -21% of fire rate? why? Why making it as useless as Heavy barrel reducing damage? The ttk of every weapon decides mostly everything in this game so nobody (who is not a silver for sure) will be playing with IR and especially with IR3. A couple of examples. Ok. Imagine nobody cares about NTEC (shooting 1 shot per second), but 1) Obeya - 1 shot per 2 seconds? 2) OBIR - 1 burst per 2 seconds? 3) OSCAR - 1 burst per 2 seconds? 4) Carbine - 1 shot per second? Ridiculous 5) CSG with IR - no comments guys, this is ridiculous 6) RFP fang - armas gun muchworse than free2play? 7) STAR LCR (IR3 version) - 1 shot per 10 seconds? 8) Scopped NTEC PR2 - make it more useless than now ty 9) Shredder (ir3 preset version) - make it more useless (2) and this is only a few examples Hopefully not the only one, I am ridiculously mad and compeletely against the IR nerf, it should never be brought to the game.
  12. How about mousefix? This is an important config to have a better mouse sensitivity in the game? Very risky?
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