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Found 15 results

  1. First of all, everyone fuck off, What impresses me most about this game is the amount of cheating at lvl255, and what's more impressive is that I'm a shit trying to play this game legitimately without using any program, Even worse is that these cheaters They are never banned, it even seems that they are the owners of the game called "Cheating Simulator". For those of you who are legitimate players, !!!!C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!! you represent less than 10% of this community Just getting it off my chest!
  2. How did LittleOrbit answer all support tickets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6BJON-77rQ I guess this board missed some occasional shitpost. Please don't ban me for that. P.S. You will only get it if you retried with support. And no... I don't really blame them.
  3. So, we are having great news today with the announcement of BattleEye patch deployment and personally I can't wait to see the outcome of this, its going to be a huge bump on population but what actually concerns me is the bump of toxicity or drama that this could also raise up now. So I'd like to open a debate here beforehand so we can comment our thoughts about the allegedly cheaters and the confirmed blatant ones that will be returning to the game. I really don't think that this is a moment for us to revenge on them cheaters by creating a hell for them when they return, pretty sure many of them will consider changing their name and hide the footprint but I know this community since long enough to positively confirm that the bullying and toxicity that some times the people have can do a mess over the whole gaming experience for everyone around. Also, people with some influence or relevant presence in the game can easily lean the perception of something by pushing other players who are not sure of their standing regarding a particular issue to finally step on their side, which only helps to fuel the drama when it comes to it. This is why I think that this is the right moment to anticipate this and be prepared to handle OUR community ourselves when we are ingame by contributing with the positive atmosphere that L.O. has created around us since their arrival, I would like to say that if we start bashing against the cheaters, lot of people who Matt Scott confirmed weren't rightfully banned will be victims of harassment and bullying, at the same time that the people we know they were indeed using cheats will get cover behind this to make the rest of us look like fools who can't tell who cheats and who doesn't. But the most important thing I think we should be aware of is that if someone cheated in the past, although we are still the same community there's a new management in the game, so this fresh start is a process of building the mutual trust we both the company and the players need to look forward and grow better than ever as same as a huge chance to heal a lot of damage this game had to suffer, if we use this "second chance" the cheaters have as an excuse to feel entitled to insult them, humiliate them and create drama, we'll be opening the APB Pandora box letting the poison start to drip over this river of clean water, I think they already got a deserved punishment, I think we are like some sort of civilians or spectators here, and going against those who will return would be like going also against the decision the company made which is the only gravitation point we have to believe in the future of APB and give our best to enjoy a video game that is just that, a virtual environment to play and have fun, is not a competition or a life or death battle. So, beyond the lots of fun we all will get fighting real solid gold players and washing the fake gold plated paint over the real silvers, this is just a game and we are supposed to just play and have fun, the game management take the decisions and the community expresses their opinions, nothing else. Please make a comment here to tell everyone what are your thoughts about all this. Regards, Sal.
  4. Good evening dear community and Little Orbit I'm rather the quiet reader in the forum and must be here a lot going on what is on my heart and just depressed me to start this game. I play APB: Reloaed since 2014 and have nearly 4,000 hours in steam. I too was shit, a noob. But you always get better, be it with the advance launcher or change the resolution or other. Currently I am gold, I have 5 characters, some know them, some do not, I do not care. what I really want is what happened to me today. I was allowed to compete against 2 cheaters today, I do not mince words, but because of such subhuman it only makes me sad to start this game, which I come to the district, and which teleport as if they were son goku , It may be that BattleEye does its job, but sometimes I wanted FairFight back. Because they did their work. The banned these cheaters and never came back, it was the have made a new account which does not take 2 minutes. What I really want, Please do some little orbit. I love APB: Reloaded since I installed it and people like that ruin all my fun. I hope it will change soon in the future. PS. Before all complain about my english. i wrote it first on google translate and copied it. I will ignore any messages about my failures on english and grammar. Greetings and Good Night. EDIT: deleting "i was a silver" because i hurt someone the feelings
  5. Like banana says in the intro; aren't you worried you might be having a problem? laughing out loud oh my gosh, come on people time to hide this thread by a volunteer? why aren't they doing anything about the actual crap going on? are you guys sharing servers with them or something? lol hey it should be Banana ... it's an actual name .. nice coding
  6. Hiya, For the past weeks I've noticed a seemingly huge increase in the amount of cheaters I get matched up against. It is now at the point I'm getting surprised if the enemy doesn't cheat From what I can tell It's been everything from macros (which nearly everyone seems to use), to real speed hacking, triggerbots, aimbot and wallhacking. Maybe this was to be expected now that the entirety of the Russian playerbase will now be playing on Citadell? Considering how few district actually are up would it be too much to ask for active GM moderation on the districts? Because I feel like the anti-cheat isn't doing it's job properly. Anyway... anyone else noticed the same trend? //Sweezt
  7. How works the threat level system? Score tabs indicate the first 2 highest scores, and they gain +1 threat level (1 to 10, every ten is a threat level more, i donT know if 100% correct but works in this similar way) Then the lowest 2 scores decrease by -1, every -10 in a threat level less. What happens usually in a district? Usually, goldies stomps everything on sight. Score is about 20-1 or 15-0 ,a blatant unfair match, as we see. This means: lowest score will be ALWAYS the silver or bronze threats. DoesnT bother if win or lose. Results confirmed: Silver is going to disappear , and Bronze more, to green, and also the Silver in Bronze will be a green badge. Gold will be always Gold cause hardly will be in lowest 2 scores. Conseguences: A bad matchmaking, not only will carry new players away from APB to a safety distance until unistall, but also experienced and loyal players will see no motive for continue playing in mission districts. Solutions: There is no one, without including decent anticheat or a massive unreversable threats level (Gold= stay gold, for ever, no dethreating allowed), with MM getting insane opposition to goldies. Q: Are you bronze now? A: I will get green too in just 2 hours, with this MM. before unistall. Edit: New Question: Q: What you would do now? Stop Playing? A: Nah, just stay in social for do something like this ->
  8. Hey. I got some idea which would help GMs with cancer of certain (triggerbot) type of cheaters. How about simple command which will swap colors of crosshairs for all in district or/and player? I don't think code-wise it shouldn't be that hard to code in such command for GMs to be at disposal. It would be more of check-tool and would help to prove suspicion if guy might use triggerbot or not. I mean guys which got color-based triggerbot (which probably all now have) will start shooting friendlies all of sudden - turn that off and on certain times and you have clear case to me. Username should be the same color (at least for now) as most of players "shot-or-ignore" reaction is based on that.
  9. ... if they just keep playing in the district? The pop is too low to switch districts, and besides, with the way anti-cheat currently runs, it isn't a stretch to see new filling-up districts having the exact same problem. Now, the angry in-game chat versus the downplaying (+hiding) on the forums shows how embedded this inconvenience currently is (for legit players anyways). Please get it sorted out a little. Doesn't have to be perfect, it really doesn't have to be perfect.
  10. Theres tons of youtubers right now posting videos of themselves blatantly aimbotting with the Cheat Hud turned off. Its clear as day and really needs to be addressed. They're posting daily videos of themselves aimbotting. You can clearly see without any doubt during their own video that they're cheating. You dont even have to explain the things they're doing that are against the TOS. You can also tell as well that they're running a Graphic changer and Shader to get better FPS for more of a advantage as well. Thats a link to their own youtube page where you can CLEARLY SEE they're beyond any doubt cheating and LOVING the attention they're getting. Heres a perfect video from them that clearly shows it all off without anything hidden but the Cheat User Interface. Once again, all proven by themselves mocking the community. This isn't a name and shame. This is showing a video of a player who isn't hiding their names, linking all their account information and then showing us they're cheating without a single care. Heres other youtube videos of people posting themselves cheating on youtube in which you can clearly tell without any doubt they're cheating with the hud turned off.
  11. We need to a cheater alert system to massively send reports against those streaming with cheats. It is just rub in the face at that point when they think its ok to stream with cheats.
  12. There always will be cheaters is no excuse on this big scale ? can some one give me any information how long this will take ? im out. not coming back before Little orbit did something about those cheaters, its way to easy to bypass Battleeye on the moment. how longer it takes how more people will go and losing trust in little orbit. SO PLEASE, Find a solution!. Edit : WHY are we using Battleeye if its not support any 64 bits, ( Bron somewhere) Don't listen to retards who tell you that WinAPI is detected/detectable. They just don't want you to own them or trying to sell their "undetected" copy-pasted crapware with "unique" "bypass". APB version of BattlEye is pure garbage and does nothing anticheat related. Bastian might scan your favorite porn folder or steal your pornhub account credentials tho xD'
  13. Hello, Im not perfect in English language but i will try to do my best. I have few questions about new engine upgrade and new things that may be implemented. 1. Discticts connections and threat disable. We all know that after engine upgrade all players from distrcts will be connected. When system will be looking for enemy for my group i will dont see any threat. My question is, that threat will be only hidden or (it woud be nice), the system will calculate players stats and try to give us similar enemy? 2. Clan fights. For now if we want to make clan fight we are going on empty district and then just pressing ready with our opponent. How it woud be work after engine update if districts will be connected (my group and opponent group can have diffrent threats and stats). 3. Cheaters - a very broad subject. For study this topic i was searching that cheats are easy avaible for every people (just putting that in google). I saw comments that most or the are detectable or just dont working - There is a good job! But... The are still some cheaters that have new accounts to break the game for us and the second smaller group, people that program they own cheats by SDK libelary. My offer is to observe people with very high stat and give them a new rank - to avoid banning people with just being good. When people get for example "platinum" rank force them to fight each other and then caluclate their accurcy (good players always will have some missing shots). The problem is still with new accounts with cheats and persons that have wh - what you offering in that ? What to do to resocialize cheaters? I think good idea will be put them on another district FOREVER to play each other just they can see how it is after another side ;) 4. Weapons from pocket. I think that will be nice to add animation when climbing on ladder to place your weapon on your back. You can add that on key. 5. Mailboxes. Add filling by category - for example purchases, gifts from missions, message from another player. Add button that will do massive things for example: Get all consumable item (setchel, sheild etc). Search by name - that will be awesome! Just start typing and the system is searing mail that contain specific word.
  14. A game: i'm the only multiplayer game with a full character editor! Players:
  15. As of late, there seems to have been a suspicious amounts of players that either showcase their hacks on stream or just try to be sly about it. I think having a team or group of administrators or moderators, that are active in the game-play aspect of the game, should have more of a presence. It would highly discourage other players from hacking and would help put the non-hacking players at ease. I'm not quite sure as to the size of the GM team or anything similar to what I've described, but would be nice. I know that before where hackers would be blatantly cheating and be pulling off "top tier" shots but when a GM joined the district, they stopped performing well. It may not immediately solve the cheating solution but would deter most common cheaters if they realize they could be caught. Just my suggestion on the issue.
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