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Found 1 result

  1. So, we are having great news today with the announcement of BattleEye patch deployment and personally I can't wait to see the outcome of this, its going to be a huge bump on population but what actually concerns me is the bump of toxicity or drama that this could also raise up now. So I'd like to open a debate here beforehand so we can comment our thoughts about the allegedly cheaters and the confirmed blatant ones that will be returning to the game. I really don't think that this is a moment for us to revenge on them cheaters by creating a hell for them when they return, pretty sure many of them will consider changing their name and hide the footprint but I know this community since long enough to positively confirm that the bullying and toxicity that some times the people have can do a mess over the whole gaming experience for everyone around. Also, people with some influence or relevant presence in the game can easily lean the perception of something by pushing other players who are not sure of their standing regarding a particular issue to finally step on their side, which only helps to fuel the drama when it comes to it. This is why I think that this is the right moment to anticipate this and be prepared to handle OUR community ourselves when we are ingame by contributing with the positive atmosphere that L.O. has created around us since their arrival, I would like to say that if we start bashing against the cheaters, lot of people who Matt Scott confirmed weren't rightfully banned will be victims of harassment and bullying, at the same time that the people we know they were indeed using cheats will get cover behind this to make the rest of us look like fools who can't tell who cheats and who doesn't. But the most important thing I think we should be aware of is that if someone cheated in the past, although we are still the same community there's a new management in the game, so this fresh start is a process of building the mutual trust we both the company and the players need to look forward and grow better than ever as same as a huge chance to heal a lot of damage this game had to suffer, if we use this "second chance" the cheaters have as an excuse to feel entitled to insult them, humiliate them and create drama, we'll be opening the APB Pandora box letting the poison start to drip over this river of clean water, I think they already got a deserved punishment, I think we are like some sort of civilians or spectators here, and going against those who will return would be like going also against the decision the company made which is the only gravitation point we have to believe in the future of APB and give our best to enjoy a video game that is just that, a virtual environment to play and have fun, is not a competition or a life or death battle. So, beyond the lots of fun we all will get fighting real solid gold players and washing the fake gold plated paint over the real silvers, this is just a game and we are supposed to just play and have fun, the game management take the decisions and the community expresses their opinions, nothing else. Please make a comment here to tell everyone what are your thoughts about all this. Regards, Sal.
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