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  1. I can't wait to play again after the new Anti-cheat goes live. It will give me and my friends hopefully a week or two without any hackers in the game. Tons of players will flood back in, but once the cheaters start up again, we will all leave, the circle of life. Game gets popular due to no cheaters -> Players start cheating because they're bad at the game -> Players start noticing blatant cheaters and then start downloading it themselves due to not seeing bans -> People start leaving in droves because they can't stand cheaters -> Cheaters leave game due to game being nothing but cheaters, whining on the cheat forums "How it sucks when EVERYONE is cheating" -> Game impliments new anticheat {repeat cycle} Maybe they'll also surprise us by releasing Armor Pack 3 (Riot) GamersFirst has only been sitting on it for 7+ years. (Just saying, it would fit the "riot gamemode")
  2. I posted multiple videos now of people cheating, and others have too. It isn't a question of name and shame, None of us are mentioning names. Were only showing a video off that is clearly showing content of people cheating who are evading bans. If you like watching videos of people cheating and think it should be allowed as long as they're making good content and bringing publicity to the game, then that's a different discussion.
  3. This is a great video that shows someone with the hud turned on with everything on the cheat maxed out. If you compare this video with the videos above you can clearly see they're cheating on their videos, all they've done is turn the hud off.
  4. Where not talking about him, were talking about youtubers posting videos of themselves chearly cheating. I don't care if you like they're gameplay and content. Cheating is cheating and that's all that matters.
  5. How is it name and shame? He posted the video of himself cheating. Thats not name and shame Im just pointing it out that we have a cheater whos mocking everyone on youtube. He can hide his own name on his own videos if he doesn't want it to be shared that hes cheating.
  6. Theres tons of youtubers right now posting videos of themselves blatantly aimbotting with the Cheat Hud turned off. Its clear as day and really needs to be addressed. They're posting daily videos of themselves aimbotting. You can clearly see without any doubt during their own video that they're cheating. You dont even have to explain the things they're doing that are against the TOS. You can also tell as well that they're running a Graphic changer and Shader to get better FPS for more of a advantage as well. Thats a link to their own youtube page where you can CLEARLY SEE they're beyond any doubt cheating and LOVING the attention they're getting. Heres a perfect video from them that clearly shows it all off without anything hidden but the Cheat User Interface. Once again, all proven by themselves mocking the community. This isn't a name and shame. This is showing a video of a player who isn't hiding their names, linking all their account information and then showing us they're cheating without a single care. Heres other youtube videos of people posting themselves cheating on youtube in which you can clearly tell without any doubt they're cheating with the hud turned off.
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