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Found 13 results

  1. locz


    Battleye kick me reason: disallowed program AUTOIT. don't use these programs. What should i do? How do i find .ahk file or autoit program? Merged.
  2. yesterday been playing normally all of a sudden i got kicked from the district and a pop up came stating, you were kicked by battleye for the following reason : client not responding. disconnected and reconnected still getting the same problem. unistalled battleye from pc and reinstalled still getting the same problem. please give me a way to resolve this issue
  3. Like banana says in the intro; aren't you worried you might be having a problem? laughing out loud oh my gosh, come on people time to hide this thread by a volunteer? why aren't they doing anything about the actual crap going on? are you guys sharing servers with them or something? lol hey it should be Banana ... it's an actual name .. nice coding
  4. Hello, I currently have an issue where the game refuses to start after the little BattleEye launcher window. Reopening the launcher always makes the install battle eye window re-appear. Reinstalling the game allows me to get in, but when I join a district I get kicked for having an outdated version of Battle Eye. After that kick, when I reopen the launcher the game won't start again. Repairing does nothing either.
  5. you can end Battleye Launcher in task manager but it lets you continue playing the game. why isnt this a huge problem? id expect it to quit out apb as well @MattScott @Lixil
  6. I still don't understand why LO n changes anti cheating again because I see old cheaters using cheats again, I see Battleye banning people randomly without even using third-party programs I hope LO solves these problems with anti cheating
  7. As suggested by in-game GM Yuvie, I'm posting this on the forums. Some of my fellow beta testers have had some issues not long ago with Battleye falsely flagging specific AMD Vanguard drivers (drivers being tested by us). This apparently doesn't apply to publicly released drivers. Sadly I cannot disclose any information about these drivers, but having never experienced any issue with Battleye myself, what should I expect ? Is my account at risk or will Battleye just block my drivers whenever I try to start APB ? Thanks in advance.
  8. This appears to be a somewhat common issue for many people (myself not included); during an attempt to connect to district the person will be kicked to main menu receiving the message 'you were kicked by Battleye for the following reason: "Client not responding"' the only thing I can say about this issue since it didn't happen to me is that it seems to happen on lower end PCs, a possible reason is that since, for them, the district takes a longer than average time to load, while loading BattlEye is not receiving any info, so it kicks the player, but that is only my own speculation It shouldn't really be up to the individual players to fix an issue like this; it needs to be fixed by LO or you end up losing potential players (image from a friend) BIG EDIT (Oct 24th) This issue has gone away for one of my friends, no way to tell if it was something they did, stealth BE update or luck, but I'd be curious to see if others still have this issue or if it has actually been resolved
  9. solution? the support ticket never answered me
  10. Hey all, after this "big" update, I have tried to play the second time today (the first one was when there were some regular server problems and everyone got kicked), and this really great BattlEye system, which has caused millions of issues in several games through the last few years, just kicks me after 1 minute saying "unauthorized software detected: AutoHotkey". All right, what the hell is autohotkey? Haven't even heard about that until now, and when I checked my program files, task manager, etc for that, nothing has been found. So? Why do I get kicked for something that I clearly don't have on my PC? I also hope this brilliant anticheat software is not even capable of filtering out real cheats, so the game is as full of cheaters as it was some months before, and it will eventually die. I need to know so please give me a solution for this autohotkey nonsense. Can it be used in some software i use and I don't know, or is BattleEye still not able to scan files properly?
  11. Metal-Janah

    <gg n00bs>

    Join <gg n00bs>, make money. I'm recruiting criminals for end-game progression and raiding who meet any of the following requirements: 15,000+ Kills R195+ 10:00:00+ District Time Thinks percs and kevlar are garbage and that they should be unusable after R195 Thinks remote detonator is garbage and that it should simply be removed from the game Knows that Beacon is the best Fight Club map and that we all need it back very badly Is a Pure Pwnage fan and/or hates cheating n00bs. Whisper Janah in-game if you're interested. I will teach you about the game if you want to learn. I have a main on both factions with only a few alts. My main enforcer has Cop 15 and is around R220+. (Know your enemy!) I have never cheated in an online multiplayer game against other players, ever. I have never been banned in my entire lifetime on Steam since 2004, ever. I have played APB Reloaded since Open Beta in Q1-2011 and have never been banned for anything, ever. I have called out many closet cheaters and predicted their bans before they happened. Trust me when I say that I know my shit. I have also purchased 90% of the ARMAS Marketplace account-wide in support of this game for a very special time exactly like this one. Trust me when I say that I got your back. Thanks for reading, comments will be ignored if I can't lock this thread because I work a lot and generally dislike forums.
  12. So i was watching yotube and accidentally found youtuber who plays "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" with a wii controller and guitar ... and another his video was How to get ban by Battleye in "R6 Siege". Skip all crap and begin at 0:55. Dude literally does everything to get BAN by BE ... and nothing, when he sends support ticket to turn himself in... nothing. Did we just trade lazy anti-cheat into lazy anti-cheat ?
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