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  1. be salty somewhere else. Why? I was playing this game for a long time, spent money on it, wasnt just leeching for free, and they ruined the game unnecessarily with an anticheat best known for barely functioning. I have the right to blame those who are responsible for this and don't give a fuck about this problem. They didn't even read any of these topics, while the least would be saying "Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on this with BE and will find a solution soon."
  2. Of course he can't help, and hasn't even read this topic, he's too busy with the G1C topics since it is a major problem if 1 thousand players don't buy the precious g1c, but if 2-3 hundred players cannot play and ofc won't even buy a single more g1c, it can be ignored bc there is no profit in that, and what do they love? Proooofiiiittttt. no fucks given by Matt, just as expected...
  3. Yepppppp Ikayoz there is no solution for this, BattlEye works just like that. I've been playing many games that were perfect for years with their own or any 'hackshield' system, then a new owner just thought "LET'S USE BATTLEYE BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!!!" and instantly the game was unplayable until BE has been removed, and if not, I and many other players had to leave those games completely. I contacted supports in those cases before, and now, and typically got no answer. It is not important, YOU are not important for Little Orbit, just like nobody who payed continously on this game were ever important to G1. But at least G1 didnt run BE. Thank you for killing the game LO, for me the death of APB is not what G1 has done with it, but this final stab in the back with bringing this dogshit BE into the game.
  4. Wylan

    about the bug

    Please don't act like an idiot when the game still doesn't work properly or at all. When someone's subbed/premium/whatever, the minimum respect they deserve is to be compensated for their loss of premium days. Why should anyone pay for a service, if the service is unavailable?
  5. Hey all, after this "big" update, I have tried to play the second time today (the first one was when there were some regular server problems and everyone got kicked), and this really great BattlEye system, which has caused millions of issues in several games through the last few years, just kicks me after 1 minute saying "unauthorized software detected: AutoHotkey". All right, what the hell is autohotkey? Haven't even heard about that until now, and when I checked my program files, task manager, etc for that, nothing has been found. So? Why do I get kicked for something that I clearly don't have on my PC? I also hope this brilliant anticheat software is not even capable of filtering out real cheats, so the game is as full of cheaters as it was some months before, and it will eventually die. I need to know so please give me a solution for this autohotkey nonsense. Can it be used in some software i use and I don't know, or is BattleEye still not able to scan files properly?
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