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  1. people acting like there are any good designers in apb currently. there were barely any before and it's not like you see the good designers from days past anymore. best LO can and should do is keep adding new clothes to the joker store. do not hold design contests to get content in-game because one way or another, people will disagree. if you want to promote community designs, just have a weekly showcase.
  2. reactions should be removed entirely. they serve no real purpose. if people like the content, they can engage by adding a comment. you have to log in anyway. this was literally said when reactions were added on the old forums and even at the start of the new. there was never any positive either way. @Sakebee
  3. @MattScott@Lixil - the lack of official response on the actual "how does it work" is frightening. you are asking everyone to just blindly trust a system with the same headliner of "just log in an you'll be fine" which screwed over older active players when regions were merged before..now doing it on a global scale. with 11-12 days left of the month, id would hope for more details before we see the same things g1 tried to sweep under the rug.
  4. based on what LO might commit to, might be wise to match their ratio? say they say 25% of the profit is donated, then 4kills =1 USD (0.25 per) you are likely to rack up a lot of kills in the month of October. plus, if they tell you that you have 35.000 kills with a pink gun so far...just thinking, dont want to declare bankruptcy over apb!
  5. every kill lust has had with a pink weapon (valentines day gun) is money lust will donate to charity. other side is, the pink weapons are armas exclusive and the request is to donate profits' of the weapons to charity. either way, its an ask to donate to a charity based on things available in a free "mmo". lust plays, lust donates. or we buy, LO donates and still lust plays and donates. rest of us can either jump on it and join the cause (by buying or feeding kills to lust lol) or ignore it all and just go about our merry way...
  6. yes. @Lixil@MattScott@Selali whoever else! I want to see this happen. make @LUST do it! good idea. good cause. community controlled!
  7. its not made to be tactical. with the timers, movement, objectives, gunplay, and even camera...slowing it down would make the game play more like, idk, ghost recon wildlands pvp (which it is designed to specifically be so). its the right pace right now but the biggest issue making it seem more like a drag at times is some of the objective spots and lack of good spawns in parts of the map.
  8. i disagree. the weapons are still fine with the change (its such a small difference because the burst interval was already very low). and the weapons are perfect without IR. CJ would put it on the yukon trail..but for range. I dont think people realize how small the interval is already.
  9. ntec now gets an additional 2m dominance! firerate downside won't change ntec, it just makes it easier to use at range because the work is now done for you. still one of the most dominant weapons...but at least it will have SOME competition in the AR department. rest of th changes should be good. jg with cj3 will now be insane and a lot of auto weapons benefit from the IR change because it's even easier to manage firerate for range.
  10. majiik mentioned it might comeback, but differently. id assume amazon payments rather than digital codes.
  11. apb has colours. internet has colours. but each code their colours in different ways. this tool finds the closest apb colour to match the internet colour you provide.
  12. There is a reason why this community is scared of silver HVR's. silver snipers are the scariest opponent in the world! they even stuck to using it at long range! excalibur acts like that's being taken away when its not lol
  13. according to the notes, there were two versions of the anubis in otw, did you test them both?
  14. o wow that's actually pretty awesome then. watched the clips frosi provided, looks good and doesnt hurt its actual usage at far range. nice job
  15. hvr being linked to accuracy is fine...but I think they forgot that otw doesn't have mods. with hs3, this change seems pointless. it should have that change and a reverse damage drop off like the dmr (pretty much scout damage until 75m).
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