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  1. But it is still seen as p2w by most reviewers sadly because they have no way of accessing most weapons without paying money. Adding items to the Joker Store is the right direction imo. I do hope everything will be added to it at some point with an option to select "Buy with JT" or "Buy with G1C".
  2. ReShade can be configured in many ways, from simple AA and color tweaks to pathtracing and post-processing effects. I do not have mine currently setup for APB, just using the statistics tools.
  3. ReShade shouldn't be an issue, I have the latest version currently installed on the LIVE build and it works fine. No kicks from EAC either.
  4. Using the word "config" is very vague (and I told you in discord dms lol), even if you mention it only being visual changes. There are settings which change the way the game looks, but do not give you any advantage whatsoever and instead increases performance (no fog) ...then there are changes you can do to change a few text lines in the game for fun ...and then there are modifications which allow you to see through certain objects or effects which is a big advantage in some situations (no smoke)
  5. Ich stimme euch allen voll und ganz zu.
  6. This might work for some people here: Enable Data Execution Prevention on Windows 7 Open a command prompt window (cmd) as Administrator (right click -> Open As Admin) Copy paste following command into the console: bcdeditprogram /set {current} nx AlwaysOn Press Enter You should now get a message that the operation was successfully completed Restart your machine Source: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/disable-data-execution-prevention Edit: You guys might also check this if the above doesn't help you out: https://easy.ac/de-de/support/apbreloaded/issues/guide/
  7. This. APB tends to write dynamic data to the drive if it cannot access enough RAM.
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