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  1. Speedz

    alien invasion car

    Mostly agree with that the car choice isn't great. The thing is, most likely those codes will only work for newly created accounts. If you give away free 4x4 Vegases or other high tier items to newbies, everyone else in the community will simply get annoyed by the fact that they spent irl money on them.
  2. I am aware of the lag-switching, but as in most other games, the player shouldn't be moved to a position where "he would have probably moved". The server should simply tell the client to roll back to the position at which point the "lag" started happening - obviously this should only be happening when the connection is completly interrupted (no received packets).
  3. I believe previous hacks of Goat made use of the "Look behind" key bind instead of using normal rotation only. It honestly isn't even a hard thing to code in aswell... I do agree that we need more server side checks for various types of hacks though. I still don't understand how speedhacking for example is a thing, I'd assume its a "outdated"-engine problem but who knows...
  4. Not sure how far you can go with Java(Script), but sure, that'll stay for quite a while.
  5. Flash is about to be discontinued and is disabled by most browsers already, cannot recommend. There are way better things you can do nowadays.
  6. This is mostly the case with newer weapons. At some point they just stopped putting values into modifications and created new base entries instead. A lot of newer modifications are sadly just placeholders which kind of makes the random joker or christmas box loadouts useless. btw, ya'll can hit me up regarding weapon value questions. I don't mind answering them as long as it doesn't get too complicated. *cough* curves *cough*
  7. Rank progression seems fine in my opinion. It lacks more rewards or unlocks along the line which could make it more interesting to level up faster. For the most part you only really need to hit a few milestones, which would be access to trading/marketplace at rank 15, unlocking the second equipment slot at rank 60(?) and maybe - but not necessary at all - unlocking more variety of mods at rank 195. Everything else you literally get in the first few play sessions when starting a new character (basic clothing, grenades, car spawner, meta weapons)
  8. Sorry but I have to very much disagree with you. In this case both the FAR and the N-TEC use the same range and recoil curves, their PerShotModifier curve is different. Please don't ask me for exact curve graphs, I don't have that data.
  9. No, the N-TEC and all its variants has a range, pershotmodifier and recoil curve.
  10. Merry Christmas to you and your families.
  11. Speedz

    [PC] Patch Notes 1.19.7 (1069)

    The Elf is in all event districts. He is at Double-B / LeBoyce in Financial and at the ground floor in The Beacon.
  12. Speedz

    Theme Creators

    esgobar vintmint
  13. Speedz


    weird but ok flex
  14. They didn't plan on making their own version of the Adv. Launcher. They want to integrate more options into the in game graphics settings, which will be most likely in the Engine Upgrade. Sorry but this is probably the stupidest thing I have ever read. You might want to consider getting a console if you want everyone to have the same performance.
  15. Why are we talking about editing config files the Adv. Launcher doesn't edit? If you would take a look into the provided .ZIP files on that website, you'd see that they edit a bunch of Unreal Engine files, which by LO was not allowed and which is something the Adv. Launcher is not touching. The Launcher only edits APBMachineOptions.ini and APBCompat.ini. And before you tell me that it does more than that. Have a look yourself. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-kOrkNs4LU5FGxFSIKEJTBnc50pUdrr-CZFy4IWOsfs/edit?usp=sharing This was captured using the Sysinternals application called Process Monitor (procmon exe) Link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/procmon