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  1. You can disable titles in options.
  2. Click on "Whisper" on the scoreboard or inspect them if you need to report or text to them. (You can also install the russian keyboard layout lol)
  3. It should have more range as it uses a different range curve than the default Assault Rifle curve.
  4. All of these weapon are the F2P standard of APB. I don't know whats wrong here? Do you want the meta to shift over to ARMAS (or Joker Store) only weapons? That pushes APB into a slight P2W area, doesn't it? They also announced a new weapon balance pass which will happen soon.
  5. 1v1 missions shouldn't be able to happen since all missions require atleast 2 players from the same faction to initate. The problem here is /abandonmission. The command allows players to leave the unopposed mission which can result in one player being left. Quick fix would be to just terminate the mission by the server if only one player is left in an unopposed mission, but that would be odd player experience. Instead add players who are looking for missions, dynamically to the unopposed mission. Basically a forced hidden backup call by the server until min. player size count per team has been reached.
  6. If you get called in on the last 20 seconds of a mission and you do not complete enough gameplay actions because you do not make it to the mission location, the mission will technically not count as a loss/ win. It might be shown on your districts stats but under the hood the mission is not considered and will not affect your threat.
  7. Issues which appear out of nowhere and cannot be explained usually require a couple of steps of troubleshooting. I'm just trying to eliminate possible error sources.
  8. I don't seem to have this issue either. Just for comparison, my rig: CPU: I7 - 6700K 4.0 GHz (OC @4.5GHz All cores) CPU COOLING SOLUTION: NZXT Kraken x61 GPU #1: Palit GTX 1070 8GB OC @2.0GHz MOBO: MSI Z170A Krait Gaming 3X RAM: 4x4GB G.Skill RipJaws 4 2133 MHz CL15 PSU: Some 750W Corsair, too lazy to look up (APB installed on 2x1TB SSDs in RAID 0) I noticed your RAM timings being higher than mine, not sure if that is related to the issue though. Do you have APB installed on an SSD or HDD?
  9. The issue is that proper cheats, which inject into APB during runtime, do not need to rely on the red crosshair. That means, if LO decides to remove the red crosshair, the "easy-ahk" trigger bots are eliminated, but the proper ones, which are actually aware of the hitbox of a player, will remain working.
  10. Some people show off their outfits, some chat in clan / group chats and seem to be AFK for you and some literally just stay AFK. This happens in literally any MMO out there.
  11. But it is still seen as p2w by most reviewers sadly because they have no way of accessing most weapons without paying money. Adding items to the Joker Store is the right direction imo. I do hope everything will be added to it at some point with an option to select "Buy with JT" or "Buy with G1C".
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