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  1. My idea would be to disable the car spawner modification for 5 seconds when taking any damage from opponents. This would essentially kill tactics like sitting in a Pioneer waiting for teammates to spawn or having the entire enemy squad spawn out of the car you were about to destroy. Just an idea really, could also adjust many things with cooldowns. Removing it is not necessary. Radar Tower is just straight up broken and can be used as a permanent map-wide 2D radar if you can predict spawns.
  2. Pretty sure that was the whole idea, nerfing full auto and keeping the n-tec the tap-fire beast. I honestly believe half of the replies here misunderstood the value changes.
  3. The majority of players nowadays have accepted that Silver = Gold, Bronze = Silver, and so on. Even if you do kill me in a mission, but I see that you are way down on the scoreboard and you are either Silver or Bronze, I will tell you to switch instances - in a nice way ofc. I do this not because I get salty, I do it because I know how high the skillgap can get in that instance. Not to be rude, but you will drag down the performance of your team, which can be very annoying and is the main reason why you see everyone /ab - tab - enter on most mission starts. I had something similar in mind with the 24 hour lock on threat while reading your wall of text, but at most I'd use it as a temporary solution until we have phasing. After phasing, your second suggestion will be obsolete, since matchmaking won't be restricted to the current instance.
  4. Reducing the damage to 225 on the CR762 will only worsen its ranged damage. The CR762 starts dropping off damage after 55m in a long curve till 75m (or 85m not sure). You will not fix it from being a 5stk laser with CJ3 till around 60-65m with this damage nerf.
  5. You have neither told us what specs you are running nor properly described the bug you are experiencing. The crash bug related to RTX cards has been reported a long time ago, there is no proper fix for it afaik. The "stutter/freeze into crash" bug is extremely vague. APB always had issues with stuttering due to bad garbage collection, not enough or slow RAM or slow harddrives. I personally haven't noticed a single change in performance ever since LO took over and I keep consistent 120/144 fps.
  6. I know what your point is, but saying that dethreating is not an issue is simply wrong. There are players, who on puprose do not participate in missions or try to manipulate their own team by feeding the enemy team takeout points or grief their own team to dethreat to silver. Those players might not be the best players and would rather have higher chances of better opposition in bronze districts, I understand that, but that does not simply give them the right to force themselfs to a lower threat. The issue is not massive, but its been going on for some time now on Citadel and makes soloing a real pain to deal with.
  7. Your thread title and the actual question is very misleading. I accidentally voted "no" because of it. The NFAS does need a nerf, especially now since its cqc counter was rolled back.
  8. I second this. The changes are too radical and in my opinion reducing recovery rate / range / damage is not the way to go. I'd try adjusting max bloom + bloom per shot or recoil or maybe a combination of the three to reduce its cqc abilities.
  9. It does affect texture / model quality though. Each item you wear needs to be fit into a single texture, the more items you wear the worse the quality gets of each individual clothing item. If there would be no limit to wearable clothing, you'd end up with minecraft textures on your character.
  10. I believe the main reason for the suggested changes are because of the versatility of the N-Tec 5. When mastered the weapon can be easily used in most encounters from 0-60 m. The decreased bloom recovery per second + lower RoF is supposed to counter its ability in CQC encounters. Personally I don't like this change either because it makes the gunplay rather odd and unresponsive. Just keeping lower RoF (maybe not as much as right now since ttk got raised to ~0.85) on Test B shouldn't be much of an issue though as well as keeps the characteristics of the weapon, quick tap-firing on mid-range and poking at long range.
  11. You can disable titles in options.
  12. Click on "Whisper" on the scoreboard or inspect them if you need to report or text to them. (You can also install the russian keyboard layout lol)
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