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  1. I believe using config files will not work. If you are running Windows 10, you may want to check out the color blind options it comes with for now. I haven't tried it myself yet but it might work out for you.
  2. That is probably the main reason why it shouldn't be transfered. The weapon should stay unique to the player who has won the event back then.
  3. Good point.. totally forgot about scaleform being dead.
  4. Well, the current login screen isn't a downgrade really. It uses full scaleform UI (afaik) which allows for smoother navigation and transitions. I wouldn't want to go back to the old UI setup honestly. Instead they should simply bring back the old background including music and rearrange the current scaleform UI.
  5. I agree with literally everything OP posted, but instead of trying to work in new functions into the current inventory UI, it should be entirely reworked. The inventory interface we have now is old, slow and has a couple of missing elements (no secondary modifications, missing accurate weapon values, no support for different resolutions, improper scaling and so on...)
  6. When the radar tower is close to an enemy spawn point, every enemy spawning will be permanently spotted on the radar until the player dies or the vehicle is being destroyed.
  7. Not fully based on the screen refresh rate sadly. I have a 155hz monitor and 145 fps is still max for current live build.
  8. I'd wait until 3.5 is out and also Zen 2 which is supposed to be a lot better than the previous generation of AMD CPUs.
  9. I believe I've had 5-6 missions last weekend where high rank *golds* tried ruining the mission through dethreating. Take a break, play something else and come back later.
  10. Not when they would add discounts for account lifetime options
  11. Mostly agree with that the car choice isn't great. The thing is, most likely those codes will only work for newly created accounts. If you give away free 4x4 Vegases or other high tier items to newbies, everyone else in the community will simply get annoyed by the fact that they spent irl money on them.
  12. I am aware of the lag-switching, but as in most other games, the player shouldn't be moved to a position where "he would have probably moved". The server should simply tell the client to roll back to the position at which point the "lag" started happening - obviously this should only be happening when the connection is completly interrupted (no received packets).
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