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  1. FairFight is not active in any form anymore. They only use EAC now: Source: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/5/31/fun-fair-fixed
  2. Just to be clear, these are the only files you insert into the Binaries folder, right?
  3. Remove dxgi.dll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKvAdRXOeYY&feature=youtu.be#t=1h23m18s
  4. It is not blocked by EAC and afaik it is allowed to use for now. I have been using ReShade for quite a while now without any issues. Can you show us a picture of your Binaries folder after you have applied ReShade to your game?
  5. Nice read. I assume the shotgun changes in this doc are with Per Ray Damage scaling? And what do you mean with "set spread" for the CSG, something like we had back in the days with the pellet circle? You might also have to update Low-Yields on that document, their Radius was already nerfed to 550 cm, a bit lower than the suggestion to keep the 3rd nade.
  6. The shotguns on those Test pages are still processing through rayscaling, but due to it being set to 1 (or 100%) it is not scaling anything. The rayscaling stat on weapon pages is always shown if not 0.
  7. Just so everyone is on the same boat here, the stats that are currently on the Prototype district: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_Joker/TestA/ https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Shotgun_JG/TestA/
  8. The problem is that the current bounty system punishes you for doing well. Normally you get rewarded for killing multiple people in a row without dying. If there were any upside to being bounty in a mission, it wouldn't be such a punishment. afaik after the quickreboot this was fixed, atleast I was able to play for 2 hours yesterday and the ms didn't go above 35. I assume they don't do this because it is often paired with favoritism. If you do it for a couple event holders, everyone wants a pocket GM which does things for them. Don't understand me wrong, I'd love more support for custom events from LO, but it often ends up in unnecessary drama.
  9. https://wiki.unrealengine.com/UE3_to_UE4_Transition_Guide Oh yeah, its so so easy. You just have to do everything in this guide for basically the entire game and more. No you cannot translate UE3 into UE4 Blueprints. No you can't just translate UE3 into UE4 code, its completely different, look at the examples in that link. No you can't just take .upk packages and import them into UE4, they are not supported. You have to reimport your .FBX-files. If you still have .psk & .psa-files, you have to reexport them as .FBX-files from your modeling software. And more and more and more and more and more and more and more.. things you need to fix, improve, rewrite and redo. Its not easy. I love how people load up UE4, open the store, grab some free assets, drag and drop them into the Editor, then call themselfs Senior Unreal Engine Developer and tell everyone to "just port the game to ue4 lol" Do your research and stop spreading misinformation.
  10. Really depends on the hardware for the most part. APB's building poly count isn't really high, modern GPUs (GTX 9xx+) won't have issues with a few more blocks in the distance. The current issue is that the game thread is slowing down the render thread. Its all explained in the thread rooq linked.
  11. Do you care to explain what makes you think that? (or are we out of complaining content?) Edit: If you were still using (db.)apbvault.net, then you should have been aware that the domain would be shut down at some point. There was a notice for atleast a half year on every page.
  12. This type of minigame is not supposed to be running. The server is starting up the wrong type of Snowball Fight minigame. Thats also why the UI and the gameplay is completely broken.
  13. Players: "remove threat segregation so we can play" LO: *does it* Players: "wtf go back"
  14. My idea would be to disable the car spawner modification for 5 seconds when taking any damage from opponents. This would essentially kill tactics like sitting in a Pioneer waiting for teammates to spawn or having the entire enemy squad spawn out of the car you were about to destroy. Just an idea really, could also adjust many things with cooldowns. Removing it is not necessary. Radar Tower is just straight up broken and can be used as a permanent map-wide 2D radar if you can predict spawns.
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