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  1. just got DC'ed in a mission - server down
  2. The status seems to be missing in the Server status forum
  3. Why even try logic here, bad idea. It will require exactly 3 weeks with a scientificly calculated error tolerance of +/- 3 minutes. ps: now all you need to achive is staying below 3 weeks and you can credit any less time to the incredible nonstop work of the best engineers on this planet - tada.
  4. have you tried using a vpn via proxy maybe? ps: then again it might fix the connection problem and then make some "anti-cheat" ban you. Probably not worth it.
  5. ability to enter numbers while caps-lock is on for market prices
  6. Thanks for info and keeping us updated! ps: pass me a list of those 9 downvoters of your announcement posting in a private message and i will make sure they have a few "unfortunate missions"
  7. same problem here. DEP is enabled for all programs. Tried both suggested ways to enable it, restarted both times, verified settings (start bcdedit as admin from cmdline - see last line - nx is alwaysOn, started APB - same problem "enable DEP, APB will exit now" I am on win 7 ultimate 64 Bit. Maybe some trick with adding a custom manifest resource to the apb executable works? Or maybe the new anticheat will instantly go mad and ban me, my mum and my hamster
  8. its pretty obvious that apb has it already, otherwise waterfront wouldnt be possible duh
  9. Try to put all game data (textures, sound, other data) onto a fast IO path (low mechanical or electrical delays/access time). For the less technical people : Iinstall the game on a decent SSD instead of a (slow) HDD.
  10. no kidding.3 missions in apb, 2 vs blatant dethreaters in bronze - cu tomorrow.
  11. if we get ponies, i demand crocodiles and sewer mutants too
  12. The new concept of multistage missions across multiple sequential maps is definately "challenging", to say the least. But personally i think you appreciate the stunning beauty of the underwater seamap a lot more after you had to find and unlock the submarine in a massive epic battle first. ps: if you find think you found irony or unrealistic expactations in this posting, just wait - the final maps will be even better pps: the mars level and the 3 map challenge to unlock the rocket to reach it, was rediculous though
  13. Removing the video and then saying you look for a clean discussion, sounds at least very weird to me. What should be discussed without seeing the video? Should we discuss about "something which happened but cant be shown", if a discussion makes any sense?
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