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  1. The RedHill Institute is an internet service provider bringing lightning fast 5G networks to San Paro!
  2. Thanks for the deeper insight. It sucks that this has a high probability to continue with little to no chance of pinning the attacks on a sole entity or individual. These attacks have added a lot of frustration to the our player base and it's why i made this survey to measure how the community would rate the servers. It's annoying to imagine that some social outcast has a PC running an automated DDoS attack or hacking into other machines to do their bidding. I know i can speak for a large portion of the community that we have logged in consistently even through these attacks which have been ongoing for years - two or three now? We definitely appreciate the sharp increase of communication from LO as opposed to the previous company. I rarely post on the forums and understand that this post can seem bitter, but that is from the years of DDoS attacks and rubber-banding through missions with intense competition where matches have been won or lost due to lag and stutters in the servers. My intention was not to throw LO under the bus, but rather find out if others felt the annoyance i did as well? What the hell was even going on, as i was under the assumption that the DDoS attacks were a thing of the past? Find out how others would rate these servers and if they are comparable to other games? And potentially start a GoFundMe (it wasn't fully satire) for better server performance to help out as most of us vets have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into this game over the years. The end goal was for a solution or better yet the indictment of the scumbag(s) who are ruining the game for those of us who are left.
  3. What is the process of tracking these attacks and prosecuting the guilty parties? I thought we were passed the "DDoS attacks" - who ever the person or person(s) responsible are for these attacks need to be officially charged or it will not stop.
  4. It's not to make a Premium Server - it's asking if you think our servers are 10/10 Premium? 5/10 Average? or 0-4/10 And need to be fixed.. sorry you interpreted that incorrectly.
  5. Can we start a Go-Fundme for better servers? These servers might be the worst in any online shooter i have ever played.
  6. If these kids with 0 dollars could stop crying about everything in this game, trying to micro manage the company rather than gain meaningful employment to sustain their gaming addictions would be nice. Stop trying to nerf the world, suck it up and move on. Dont like that other players have shorter cooldown timers? cough up 7$ and go premium you bum.
  7. I would assume that the person who was "inactive" and Teamkilling was more than likely the team leader, so i bet he could not kick the guy.
  8. Yeah, they need to step up the punishment in my view. I think the griefs are more toxic than the cheats.
  9. The link to the video is; https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazingVainShrimpPogChamp?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url
  10. Is this form of griefing a mission a bannable offense? I just witnessed this on a random stream, i don't know any of the players involved, but i have had this happen to me before and i'm curious what the community thinks about this situation? [video snipped - Delator]
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