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  1. I can't believe it x'DDDDDDDD GG, I could never imagine it. This was so funny x'D
  2. I found on discord that nobody found the way to get the password even if we know the password. (?) But I thought people already found the password with the correct way... DCRXJLPDCLAAGVEVYW C L D A If you try to write Clawdia in order with those letters, CLAWDIA, this letters are missing until the last A you can use in Clawdia. DCRXJLPDCLAAGVEVYW C LAWD I A I don't know how to explain this with my poor english, but I thought this was the way that people found. I'm confused now.
  3. I think that too. Btw, the "downtime" happened the same day that C. Pritcher was returning from his vacation.
  4. The pic above "Get out of this area" seems to be a pic with two APB chars using foil hats. Redhill word was modified to "Redhillnesses" The pink text on the teeth picture seems to say "Blue Lake" Just stuff I noticed
  5. I don't think there's something to unlock from that part, we need to find first two more codes and then we'll have the full code.
  6. I can't find RedHill billboards, just the Growl ones. ??? Edit: Nevermind, first time I log in since all this mistery and I was looking at the wrong place, I thought every growl billboard was replaced with RedHill ones ;;; my bad
  7. I hope it's a joke, but it's not the first time I see someone complaining because someone texted in Spanish. I was a bit confused tho about american language xDD
  8. Is there a rule that says "American game, speak American"? Unless a moderator says it, what you said is not valid. Or should I say "Spanish post, speak Spanish"?, makes nosense, right? If he's not able to speak english that shouldn't stop him to text in his main language.
  9. I had the "same" problem time ago, but just with the missing .dll Just search that file online, download it and save it at System32 if I'm not wrong. That should fix the game.
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