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    new ranks?? :)

    idk, the rest of the active pop is leaving the game cuz we have nothing to do in this game . give us atleast some motivation to play, playing missions and fc for nothing is boring, but leveling chars for new guns and etc. was always kinda fun you know. i understand that the company is working on something big, but give us something to do to give yourself space and time for that big development while we wait. i don't really know, but i am sure that previous developers left LO with some works, development, contents which have already been shown to us. mby creating something new isn't a great idea when you have a plenty of things created for you by prev. companies. thats just my opinion. pce/ .
  2. ok dude i will watch your stream later!
  3. Can L.O. clearify what modifications are we allowed to use? For example no muzzle flash or no bullet holes, these modifications does not give any advantage at all.
  4. I am making videos not for fame or money or something else, i am making these ones for myself. Just wanted to SHARE some clips .
  5. As i said i see no point in playing with 'good looking' textures, this is not that beauty of a game. This is not a montage, just clips rendered together and i prefer low graphics and fps. High textures are distracting me.
  6. There is no point in playing with HIGH/MAXIMUM graphics. The game is based on pvp and not that optimized so you need max. performance. I'd rather play on stable-low-graphics than freezing-stuttering-good-looking game :D.
  7. When players from Kazakhstan will be able to play the game without using vpn?
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