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  1. The new player experience in this game is just all around terrible. The tutorial isn't very good and things take too long to unlock, and are unclear in how you unlock them.
  2. Whenever I use it someone always complains even if they're using something like the OCA or NTEC
  3. I was returning a punt, before the ball got to me I looked downfield and didn't see anyone so of course I didn't fair catch and got rocked the second I touched the ball.
  4. Fatebringer


    No spam if you play on PS4 where the game's dead anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. How do you even get an FFA that's not the bullshark?
  6. Have you tried not standing in barrelstuff range? Like literally every other gun in the game outranges it.
  7. The store is down (on PS4 at least) so my best guess is that the update is in progress right now
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