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  1. pm me if you have one for trading server NA jericho my offers: ursus + condor + ogre or thunder + ogre or condor + yukon + duck + nano
  2. @IGeertI can i take a picture with you? server NA
  3. Desert Scarf (female only) 49/39 then in description it says: Gender: Male
  4. i dreamed of getting unbanned and enjoying the game. Then i checked my email as soon as i woke up. Still the same reply from "Puck" that was years ago, before LO took over.
  5. looking for a good theme maker, make me 3 shingeki no kyojin themes, pay: anubis, eol deep impact, reaper, and hammer (4 guns for 3 themes) 1) guren no yumiya 2) Jiyuu no tsubasa 3) Shinzou wo sasageyo pm me Wiltgault in jericho if interested.
  6. well, if you try to sell or trade a gun right now, you could get harassments too. This month i received so many negative messages.
  7. mail me in game WiltGault << W i L T G A U L T Selling: ursus: 3,5m [sold] ogre: 2,7m [sold] condor: 2,6m [sold] volcano: 2.6m [sold] medusa 1,6m [sold] nano 1,6m [sold] firework launcher: 1m [sold] cap40: 1,3m [sold] huntress: 1,4m [sold] OCSP hearts: 1m [sold] OCSP diamonds: 1m [sold] duck: 2m [sold] jersey: 700k [sold] bullshark: 1m [sold] bloody mary: 1,1m [sold] hitchiker: 700k [sold] everything is sold or traded, thanks!
  8. i've completed epidemic 1 today, got mail and received some weapon skins; however, i couldn't find any of them in skin selection
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