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  1. pm me if you have one for trading server NA jericho my offers: ursus + condor + ogre or thunder + ogre or condor + yukon + duck + nano
  2. @IGeertI can i take a picture with you? server NA
  3. Desert Scarf (female only) 49/39 then in description it says: Gender: Male
  4. i dreamed of getting unbanned and enjoying the game. Then i checked my email as soon as i woke up. Still the same reply from "Puck" that was years ago, before LO took over.
  5. looking for a good theme maker, make me 3 shingeki no kyojin themes, pay: anubis, eol deep impact, reaper, and hammer (4 guns for 3 themes) 1) guren no yumiya 2) Jiyuu no tsubasa 3) Shinzou wo sasageyo pm me Wiltgault in jericho if interested.
  6. thanks for the premium code!!
  7. well, if you try to sell or trade a gun right now, you could get harassments too. This month i received so many negative messages.
  8. mail me in game WiltGault << W i L T G A U L T Selling: ursus: 3,5m [sold] ogre: 2,7m [sold] condor: 2,6m [sold] volcano: 2.6m [sold] medusa 1,6m [sold] nano 1,6m [sold] firework launcher: 1m [sold] cap40: 1,3m [sold] huntress: 1,4m [sold] OCSP hearts: 1m [sold] OCSP diamonds: 1m [sold] duck: 2m [sold] jersey: 700k [sold] bullshark: 1m [sold] bloody mary: 1,1m [sold] hitchiker: 700k [sold] everything is sold or traded, thanks!
  9. i've completed epidemic 1 today, got mail and received some weapon skins; however, i couldn't find any of them in skin selection
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