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  1. As the roadmap is basically all about fixing bugs, making the servers work etc. no, not afraid. To be honest, the weapon balance thing doesn't make me sleep bad either. I'm a bit disappointed, because when I heard new content in the Q&A, I thought a new map is coming, several new weapons, modifications, vehicles etc. I like what LO did so far, but I was hoping for more content than just 1 vehicle and 1 gun.
  2. You can't tell me one is having fun with these "settings".
  3. Snjezana

    Secondary weapons worth buying at armas.

    Like Khakis said before, the Yukon is a beast. If you don't have the 5million to buy it in the market place or got one from the Joker Boxes, the OCA Nano is a cheaper alternative, which I like to use. Surpressed, fast firing pistol.
  4. Snjezana

    Hacked account by Little Orbit...

    I highly doubt LO would have to change your password to delete something from your account.
  5. Snjezana

    Grenade launcher

    That's basically the idea.
  6. Snjezana

    Grenade launcher

    I was talking about a secondary weapon, not a primary. Maybe you misread that. ^^
  7. Snjezana


    Thank you! From what I've seen, some symbols look so incredibly detailed, that I asked myself I you need some kind of special talent.
  8. I know new content isn't coming anytime soon, but what do you guys think about a grenade launcher like the realworld GLM as a secondary? I don't think a grenade launcher as it is in APB is too OP, at least not in my experience, but given the limited amount of grenades carried, this would be a nice feature. Surely the equip time would have to be a bit longer to not make it too strong, but in general: Is that something you'd like to see in APB?
  9. I know, the title says nothing, but I'm new to creating symbols and I been told you can make a lot of money there. Now I have two questions. 1. I saw pretty complex symbols and people creating them with XNeat. Is that a must have to create super detailed symbols, are other tools involved or is it just a talented finger? 2. Many symbols are similar and the price varies between 500 and 25k. What are symbols you can reallistically make money from and what is too much for a symbol? Thanks in advance!
  10. Yes, BUT: Imagine 64v64 or 80v80. I see two problems there. 1. As of now on Citadel EU, we have for example 3 Financial Bronze districts at good times. Two completely full, one with 0/1. Long story short, I don't think the player population is high enough atm for districts with like 120+ slots. 2. Map size. I happens often that other players on mission ram you, park at your spot or the point you defend is currently having 8 players having a bloody shootout going on. Imagine like 120 players doing missions on the current map. That said, I hope (if there's a new map coming), that it will be bigger.
  11. Snjezana

    APB = Pay2Win

    No, I rather have a r150 guy with a standard NTEC in my team, than someone who splashed a fortune on tons of legendary weapons but can't handle them.
  12. Snjezana

    Car Spawners should be removed

    Here is the problem. I don't say make it ultrarealistic and 2 pistol rounds are enough to stop a car when you hit the tires, but cars, like stated by the author of the opening post are hard to get down. I regularly play Medusa for example and I need 1.5 up to 2 mags (all shots on target) to get most cars to smoke due to upgrades in the cars. We're not even talking an armored police vehicle like the pioneer. So I pretty much agree with the point, that running away from a point you might have to defend, just to destroy a spawn vehicle is too risky, takes too much time and costs a massive amount of ammo.