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  1. Try, it's fun! Last time, I accidently rammed a green guy at the fence and minutes later 4 russians ganged up on me, spamming me insults in kyrillian, trying to ram me off the street. It's getting even funnier when you get bounty in the process and..
  2. May wanna share how your crystal ball came to this conclusion?
  3. Haha, I wish your statement was true. I guarantee you, when you farm on a green district these days, plenty of Bronze R255 with OSMAW/Volcano and 4x4 Vegas camp the fences.
  4. First post, wants refund. Good start, well done! By the way: With great sadness I have to break it to you: G1 is gone, it's LittleOrbit now.
  5. You never farmed on lower districts, when a standard STAR fires at your damaged car! Works wonders!
  6. Depends on the purpose. For ramraiding for example I only need 2 slots for Extra Capacity 3 and Steel Plating for bullet protection. Works for me.
  7. Many threads about adding/removing silencers, removing fixed mods from weapons, custom crosshairs etc. I know, I know, I read the Roadmap, there's one vehicle and one weapon planned as of now and I'm not screaming for a dozen new things. Just asking, what do you guys would like to see? I personally feel like removing fixed mods would unbalance weapons (speaking of condor, ursus etc.) and the silencer idea would drag us into an Arma-esque direction. Since we don't have to rely on ingame communication, we don't need silencers on LMGs when we're in house for example to reduce noice and keep up communication. So how do you feel in general about such ideas like implementing optics, silencers and more stuff?
  8. I hope we soon get any sort of statement on what the plan from LO is, because it's getting worse and worse.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but if its because of the patch, isn't there an option to remove the last patch or load the old version (a backup), so we can play without disconnects and the devs can diagnose exactly what it is? I mean, some of us paid for premium and can't do a single mission.
  10. I would never, ever play with this quality. Not even if I got paid for that. Edit: I mean your graphic settings. Advanced launcher, constant fps whatsoever. That quality sucks. Minecraft-esque.
  11. This. Happens on silver, bronze and gold on Citadel. DC during missions, ramraid, doing anything. it's totally random. Since the update yesterday.
  12. Maybe @MattScott, @Lixil or someone from the Techstaff could answer what has been asked often. :] 1. Are there problems everyone got on PC like an anti-virus app etc. which could cause this? 2. Is this maybe related to two connections from the same IP/Router? Because writing to support with the thousands of tickets could take days/weeks and it's unplayable.
  13. @SelttikS What is Vivox? @InsanityV2 Same here
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