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  1. So I log back in after a year of not playing only to find all my legendary guns are missing.... Am I the only one who had this problem. Did something happen while I was away? Can someone point me in the right direction to where I can get this solved
  2. But what I dont understand is I can wear a katana on a hoodie but cant wear it on a death jacket how does that make sense
  3. So why is it when I want to wear a backpack or anything else like the new katana and knife sheaths it can go over only certain clothing ? can we please change that. It's kinda of annoying that I have guess which clothing it can or cant go over.
  4. Trust me it matters. I went up against someone else who had an oblivion with ir3 and hs3. We both start shooting at each other, and I end up with the kill just because I shot faster
  5. Instead of dog ear I'd get the oblivion. Drop a cj3 on it and it's dangerous
  6. Yes I shut down the computer and restarted it. I just not wanting to redownload it cause my internet sucks
  7. Idk why my previous thread got deleted but it's only happening when I get on waterfront. I can get on financial but as soon as waterfront loading screen comes on it freezes
  8. So I'm trying to get into the district and I cant get in. It keeps freezing up on the loading screen.I know my computer isn't frozen. Because I can hear steam messages dinging away in the background. What should I do. I didnt have any problems with it in the morning but all of sudden I do at night.
  9. Yeah it's happening on the same districts. When I reconnect the district is still up. And when I ask if anybody else disconnected they tell me no.
  10. Could APB Advance launcher be an issue? I'm not using it to play off of it right now but I do have it installed
  11. I already DMed lixil and she told me they're gonna try to figure out what the problem is
  12. Well server restarted I'll see if it happens again
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