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  1. I got 48 hours account suspension 2 months later (!) after I was in a group with this overly efficient random player (I have played 2-3 matches monthly, at best - so I remember them all). Or maybe after I've used newly acquired Ogre to obliterate a random 5* player who attempted to shoot me while I was transporting a stolen car to the garage. Apparently LO support decided I am a cheater too, somehow (having K/D ratio like 1:4 kek) Now I'm too afraid to leave social district - to avoid losing my premium guns collection to an unjustified ban. Outside of market trades the game is pretty much over. Any clarification / assurance the devs don't ban me out of the blue while testing yet another inept anti-cheat? (account is from 2013 btw)
  2. As a casual gamer I don't see how 0-10 JT / average 1 per game affects me? If the idea was to increase participation (rather than to make APB afull-time job for people blessed with unemployment) - then it should be 2 games daily with 20 guaranteed tickets, with 100 weekly cap or whatever. And then daily 2 mission bonus is depleted - make it 1 ticket per game for those blessed with unemployment, till weekly cap is depleted.
  3. Not too long ago there was a historical period when North America and Australia had much less than 8.8% of migrant population. And look where are the natives today. Aborigines of Australia = 0,5% of population. 1.6% in US. If you'll check population census of US in 19th century - you'll see how it takes only a century to replace natives with migrants and it requires only 3-3.5% migrant population growth rate.
  4. Exactly. And considering latest EU trends I assume Arabic should be the common language.
  5. Just do the usual routine - add 4-5 most chatty people to ignore and chat becomes calm.
  6. Considering new PvP mode couldn't save the IP - how about PvE mode? I'd pay 19.95$ for horde / wave defense DLC (with bots in case of low player count).
  7. I got first false positive account suspension in 2013. After I got another false positive account suspension a year ago - I've stopped visiting action districts completely. If your account wasn't banned yet that's not because you don't use cheats but because you are new - or lucky.
  8. Letter

    Error in the update

    I've opened task manager, killed two APB error processes. Game started normally after that (where "normally" means "re-installing DirectX upon every launch")
  9. Letter

    Sudden trade lock

    Correct, got some major Windows update yesterday.
  10. Letter

    Sudden trade lock

    Six+ years old account. Purchased an inexpensive gun off exchange like a week ago. Sold pants and a shirt for 250k on exchange today (D.Va costume, purchased few days ago on exchange but it turned out they aren't compatible with a minuscule tattoo). Got "47+ hours trade lock" message upon login. Cannot list anything on exchange (I relist 5 symbols daily). This is strange.
  11. I've dreamed about this day since 2013. This is a whole new epoch for the game. Thanks for the change, LO! And grats, everyone! edit: although I suspect my legendaries now cost twice less than yesterday.
  12. LO are doing good but not terribly successful. If only anyone there could get an idea to copy Warframe (i.e. PvE game with million+ active players and 5-10 different modes including 3 defense modes) or maybe World War Z (zombie shooter which sold 2 millions copies in a month without any advertisement) instead of ... I don't know what they are copying exactly?
  13. Thanks! My alt account (created ten months ago) didn't receive it btw. Probably level /playtime is too low. I had hope to kickstart it with the premium...
  14. It could be easier if the game didn't take like 5+ minutes to launch each time I'm checking premium status: couple minutes to re-install DirectX, then a minute to load (on SSD!), then couple minutes of intros which I've seen hundreds times (cannot be skipped somehow). And considering how the game actually has only a handful of players - LO could as well just enable premium for everyone till the game will start gaining numbers from new engine and new mode...
  15. Trading, BattleEye, unbanning were nice. Still not enough to make the game actually fun. Whole gameplay have to be expanded to make the game popular (and not into PvP, but into PvE horde mode) - and single battle royale mode won't help (there are tons of BR games with ~0 population already) and LO won't be able to do anything else.
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