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  1. Thanks, i will check that, and make a ticket.
  2. Ok, i collected all 50 red pumpkins in Waterfront. I started before the update, so, when i started to work on collecting, the red pumpkin counter always was 0/50. After the update, i kept collecting and when finished, the counter marked 25/50. Obviously, no reward. How can this be fixed?
  3. That could be possible. In my country the patch was from 6am to 10 am. Now we are 1.17 pm, that´s why i decided to update
  4. Anitachan

    Error in the update

    The game cannot be updated. I press Start, the update starts, and when it finishes, in the box where the START button should be, there is a red box that says ERROR. Below, I searched for the REPAIR button, but the same thing happens. Any possible solutions?
  5. In jericho there's a lot of brazilians, argentinians, peruvians. easily could fill the 80 players, and have less latency.
  6. After all this, i still can´t take daily activities from contacts in epidemic event. Accept button is grey and can´t accept it. Is this still bugged or do i have to do another thing to have the activity available to accept?
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