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  1. Am I the only one who cant join right now after the servers back message ?
  2. Try to login on normal mission select tab.Do not use advanced tab,with that way you can join to servers.
  3. I got it right now too.They re gonna solve it.
  4. I think I have waited enough while my premium is getting timeout when servers was under maintenance and I dont want to wait anymore. People who didnt have any premium while maintenance got premium but I did not. I really want support from this game like I do to it.I dont wanna wait anymore,I want play,I want my premium now.
  5. Why dont they give now ? Everyone got it without us.
  6. I didnt get any premium ? All people got 2 weeks premium.
  7. But I have friends who got 2 weeks premium.
  8. I have waited for days when the game was under maintenance and my premium has gone because of that. Everyone is talking about they got 2 week premium ( also they was not have premium when the game was under maintenance ). When will I get premium If its true ? I read something about the players which has loggined to game in 30-60 days will take it today on yesterday but I didnt get it.
  9. You ve been giving bad news for days, I think its time to change that prejudice.
  10. It has nothing to do with femininity, it's a feeling of wolves waiting for days.
  11. Its been days since it has crashed.Do it faster please.
  12. Im waiting since the last post sent by Lixill,when will maintenance ends ?
  13. When will it be open ? Everyone is waiting like me for a few days to play with peace
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