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  1. gonna follow the post need an alternative aswell atm i'm at lotro but isnt the same not even close
  2. i saw this on the net https://aethaeran.github.io/Fallen-Earth-Build-Planner/#37013641624162414F6241C301B1017E0101C301B78201018982757E0101019B01010101 hp 851+165"+80"=1096 +5% of damage mitigation dodge charge 5 +30% of speed Aura calibration 5 +349 on all primary armor GT Defensive Helm Slash+450 crushing+450 Piercing+450 GT defensive suit Slash+2524 crushing+2524 Piercing+2524 Total defenses Slash+3323(+300 with food)+600 armor bonus from get hit crushing+3323(+300 with food)+600 Piercing+3323(+300 with food)+600 Total with bonus armor 4223 Consumables Medicine Improved Pain Killer +80 health or Liquid armoring solution This Medicine item boosts your physical armor by 150 for 1 hour. Food Moist Green Paste This food item increases Health regeneration by 16 and Primary Armor by 300 for 1 hour. Drink Hot Sauce This drink item increases Health regeneration by 14 and increases cold resistance by 304 for 1 hour. dunno if i could swap the melee for rifle and for pvp if any one uses those power that lower my armor i will be dead in one sec
  3. i did a nither version and its much better now, i have 31 free ap tho, where do you recomend to put those? http://www.helpforhopeinc.com/tacticalexstudios/feplanner/?v=1&name=My Character Name&c=3701364162626262624141C401C401C40101010101C4C401MCAM82010101010101010101
  4. Hi guys, i'm new to the game please rati this build for pve only i will use MUSCULAR REGULATOR to archive max str and the melee skill to be able to use the endgame weapon no mutations 180 on pistols to use the swat smg please any advise will be welcome http://www.helpforhopeinc.com/tacticalexstudios/feplanner/?v=1&name=My Character Name&c=3701364162626241625341C401C4019201019FB494A4011DMCAM01010101010101010101
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