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  1. The only compromise i see in that situation is really just making characters in blood sports having identical sizes\hitboxes, while leaving their original hitboxes in open world. That way all who want fair pvp will just go to BS (because let's be honest, when open world pvp was fair? It's just the "who sees who first" type of deal) and those who dont want it, or want the "old style" pvp will just remain in open world.
  2. Well, that's cool. I mean, really. We all here can just sit there and have faith, that one day FE will come back, as great, as it ever was. Спасибо от Русского сообщества.
  3. That thread is basically all we know at this moment in time.
  4. Because it's not. I don't know, where all of you got the idea, that FE2 *will* be released in span of a year, when WE WERE TOLD FROM THE START, that main focus for LO is developing APB. On this forum i'm against the freedom of speech. My position is: "Anyone, who dosen't appreciate the work, devs put in to release this game again, should be banned." So, yeah. Either shut up, and be patient, or just delete your account on this forum, and never come back. By the way, learn the goddamn english. Being Spanish is not the excuse.
  5. Lmao, it was half a year at most. Can someone just ban this dude?
  6. Let's be honest, everyone here wants to see the game back up and running, and we all hyped about the progress, that was made with such small team. Huge thanks to all devs working their patootie off, just to bring FE back from it's grave, and to Matt, for bringing us such good news.
  7. They are working on the game engine and server backend stuff as far as i know. Sadly, there is nothing to tell in updates, that's just it. It's boring, it's slow and it's necessary if we want to see the game again.
  8. Sorry, my screw up. Didnt see what thread im writing in.
  9. Well, i'm somewhat familliar with gamedev and i do understand how hard (and time consuming) porting to a new engine is. But ya know, good ol' paranoia.
  10. Yea, just a simple "Hey guys, we're still here and we're still working on the game, but dont have anything to show you yet." will be enough.
  11. Let's not go in that direction, otherwise this coversation will just become a lake of toxic waste. Just give us the proof or admit that you don't have anything. We all here love this game and we all deserve to know what is going on.
  12. Dude. Just give us the video. At least we deserve to know who is responsible for that.
  13. This lag spike also dosent allow you to get any quests. But when it goes away, they all just appear in journal
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