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  1. About vehicles, it would be nice to have some kind of special garage, to tune it (and maybe some books for vehicle parts tuning? Like craftable rims or smth) + A variety of rides, please? Maybe it's post-apo, but I really would love to see some military vehicles like Striker/APC 8x8 or HEMTT like truck with massive cargo and weight capacity but low speed (without debuffs off road). Even simple Offroad pickup that is meant to use off road would be a fine addition imo. Having a Barber/Tattoo Artist (More haircuts could be learned or smth) And on last part, I would like to see separate armor/wardrobe slots back in game. More weapon models = unique weapons and more possibilities, heck yeah
  2. I would love to see all "Special Vehicles" back on road in Wasteland. Like Camo, Striped Vandals, Choppers. Including clothing that's no more obtainable, e.g. Heavy Camo Jacket, Hiking Rucksack etc. Best thing that would be nice, would be seeing some kind of Merchant(s) / adding these things to the Dome Rewards (or smth close to this idea) or making some sort of Challenge Quests for Players, repeatable ofc.
  3. Tbh in remastered version I would like to see cool, new features like getting a Pure Offroad vehicles, such as Dirt Bike and/or 4x4 pickup that have a speed bonus in terrain and fair amount of inventory slots + weight (having a removed vehicle speed limitations is also good idea imo, idk what others would say) Also if we could pick up our pets, other players and/or escort mission npcs (Bypassing the Defend objective) that could be useful for some people. More about vehicles.. Having some kind of special type garage to tune vehicles? Changing rims, color etc etc. (Yeah ik its apocalypse, but I think it would be a good idea) Like Nephilim said about inventory - I would be alright with slots and mass limit, but having a backpack / rucksack that gives slots would be nice, or adding mechanics like -> Cargo Pants = + 4 slots, or something like that. Had few other ideas but I've probably forgot them
  4. Tormentus, from what I know, current FE that is marked as Classic one, was retrieved because many of old players wanted to play it, since the Relaunch game has removed Marketplace, because Devs dont want to get money off the Classic version. If You're asking for better graphics, You won't get "better" graphics in Classic version, its a game that was published in 2009, where the game's beginning was maybe even before 2003 so comparing these facts, graphics are really good - but to the point, on the Remastered Version (Unity engine) its gonna look really really good, at least I've seen some good-quality screenshots and im amazed how it's gonna looks like. Imma leave a link here to Matt's Screenshots of LA, Armor ; https://twitter.com/mattpscott/status/1258645035727253504/photo/1 (Los Alamos) https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/14645-dev-update-for-july-2020/ (Texturing + Dreadnaught Chestplate) There was a thread with more locations like Boneclaw, Clinton FARM, probably Embry and few others, even a short video showing the map with assets and a little explanation to rendering technique. Hope I've helped You
  5. Got the question, what happened to old players database? Its saved somewhere and awaits on Unity version of the game, or it was deleted? Im really worried about this, could someone answer on this question? (Here or via pm)
  6. I would definitely pay, for even a lifetime premium. If it would be possible I would pay only to support them, without any in-game buffs.
  7. Im kinda late here, but! Hello my Friends!
  8. Its there other almost up-to-date forum about rebooting the FE? Only one I've found out is https://twitter.com/fallenearth Also, what can I do if I want to help with work on FE Reboot?
  9. Welcome Survivors, I need some help with my build. I want to create solo pistol+rifle+melee+crafter (tank) build, and this is my lvl 55 example for it: http://thanata.com/planner/#3701364141626262626241B4010101C40101A4C40EC4C401C48201010101010101010101 What should I do to make it better?
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