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  1. Please make the following changes to update to next gen and get more players. Fast travel should be able to be used anywhere on map once discovered point not just usable in bunker. Item limit of 64 should be removed since most games either go with item limit or weight limit and not BOTH. Add a crafting bag to store materials as currently you can't carry all materials to craft everything. Monsters spawn way to fast instead of every 30 seconds spawn every 5 mins. And remove quest fail on death cause you have to restart from scratch and it's annoying when there are several stages and you die from lag from Monster insta respawn then to get back to that point on map you have to go to bunker to fast travel so annoying. Offer 4k support for HUD current mini map is way to small and no way to enlarge makes it hard to read or see anything Allow horse to fast travel to you like use a whistle command to spawn horse to your location Allow to scroll in local map like it is possible to scroll in world map and allow map to be centered around player in local maps when in caves/interior instances Allow to view completed and failed quests in mission log Allow bank storage to be global in all towns and not just town based so people can access items globally in any town Merged. ohh and add Auto sort/stack items in inventory and bank Merged. Allow to move items in crafting queue to top for priority to craft first Merged. Get rid of chips as currency if a vendor sells item for 1000 then should be same 1000 of one type of currency easier to work out just add 1 type of coins and get rid of 4 type of chips Merged. Fast travel should be free!!
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