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  1. Woot, thanks Matt. I have a feeling you will hear the results.
  2. Sounds awesome Hooli.
  3. Matt, thank you. So good to hear from you. You guys are busting butt on that and I appreciate it.
  4. Sorry we got sidetracked. The original purpose was to tell us to keep an eye on Twitter for info regarding FE. Well, the last thing posted about FE was May 14th. Communication is the key to any endeavor, so please communicate with us.
  5. Well if the devs are going to devote their limited time to the topic of butt floss they also need to add in other female options. Hairy armpits, hairy legs and unkempt bushes. Done to please the feminist gamers and get rid of the perverts. Sadly you say "pervert" like it's a bad thing. Yes, clothing options both male and female are limited. I would rather they work on game performance, duping, etc than taking time to satisfy the wants of a few individuals.
  6. Down for about 20mins now. Lagging for some, but not for me, then kicked to select screen and boom. Not doing the Alec Winters initializing screen.
  7. I just received this in my email. Seems we have a Prairie Chicken Terrorist Organization. This is Day 3 of their attacks.
  8. Of course, if I had waited 15 more minutes, the server came back up. Thanks Prairie Chickens, your mercy will not be forgotten.
  9. I started a new thread in Bugs for today's crash. I still think it's revenge of the Prairie Chickens Day 3. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  10. About 30 minutes now. Suddenly sent to character select, couldn't get a character to go back into the world. Now getting the "Alec Masters Initializing" screen as was seen yesterday. Just my notification to LO and a fresh thread for comments on today's crash. Peace. I still think it's revenge of the Prairie Chickens Day 3.
  11. Thank you. Sorry it messed with you folks weekend. Appreciate you coming in and fixin' it though.
  12. Oh, they took the glue from me after the famous "sticky privates" incident of 2017.
  13. I don't doubt it or you. My understanding of programming is next to none, so I respect the peoples ability to create and work with these things. My IT ability is basically the on/off button.
  14. I was here for awhile when the game started, maybe six months. It didn't have the "no toons" promblem from my recollection. I was last here about two years ago, I don't recall the toon selection problem then either. I do agree it is old and maybe having code corruption problems, but unless I'm senile (a distinct possibility) this is not how it was in the olden days. I do give my thanks to LO for working on these issues, I mean no disrespect.
  15. Found this. Wes Platt was the writer for FE in the beginning, here are interviews he did in 2009. I haven't gone through them, but I shall soon. Here is a text only interview with Wes Platt about the upcoming release of the game in 2009. http://www.weritsblog.com/2009/09/q-with-fallen-earths-wes-platt.html
  16. Awesome Sooney, I don't recall ever seeing that before. Sweet.
  17. Is there a source that talks about the history of how FE got to where it is? Maybe discusses the conflicts that caused all of this and the history of the cloning system, etc? Thanks, Max
  18. Good to hear that Cyphered was here. I know they are trying hard to fix things, I'm just a bored, lonely retired guy who needs something to do and I wanna do this game. Not being critical of LO and the crew, just bummed I have to surf the midget porn.......... again.
  19. Is LO even aware this is down? It is Saturday. siggggghhhhh
  20. 30+ minutes for me. Fixing graphics is fine, but if we can't get into the game................. Please, fix this, it is getting worse and you sure won't get new players with this happening.
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