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Found 3 results

  1. Good Morning San Paro This is the collection of best (and worst) suggestions, there are a lot of topic about them, but i prefer keep it all in one. Mission "Gold-Whale": the purpose of the mission-concept is to use the existent AI inside civilian vehicle/character ,already able to find a path around city or detecting player and aim them, ,giving them an active role inside a missione How it works: An heavy armored truck spawns and is going to reach a very far zone in the map. after a bit, an alarm signal like bounty alert appears in district or only to a random team/group/player. the truck will be equipped with an npc surfer,with a random strong OP anti-vehicle weapon ,its health will be regulated like a KV3+CA3 benefits, and aim will work like the civilian detection (they turn head if u are near, so increase the value should give an input for shot & aim too) The goal is destroy the truck, (setting its mass upper to 1000*normal truck should avoid break its path following) With damage car crash ,bomb or fireweapons. (opponents can get in missionfor save the truck ,if ,and only if, the truck get a certain amount of damage or after a certain amount of time after first blood/damage) When the vehicle is destroyed the first goal is reached. (mission ends when item is delivered to safebase,no time limit, if there are no opponents) If there are opponents ,team have to deliver an item dropped by destroyed supertruck to a safe house , before opponents get it and deliver to their enemy base. (like classic system, but without large time for item-hold ,deliver first==win) random reward could be deployables,joker tickets, or also a "Key Truck" a deployable that allow player to drive itself the truck if is in defense team during this type of mission, or ,if is attack team is possible deploy a "E-Guard" that works like an automatic turret for shoot the target crossing the path. Deployable Roller Blade: it allows for 30 seconds to give to character the same physics type of a little ,fast, light, vehicle,the ramming power is limited, brake sys is very low too. when equiped (F), player can literally skate, also on ramps. canTperform action or use any kind of weapon, shoot, climbing or complete object. should not be hard to do cause is simple an object with same propiertyes of a vehicle, the few difference are the size, and a little set of animations, just for moving. when the player "dress"the rollers is like inside a vehicle, but littlest. Homerun!! If activated as orange mod with key 5 ,it allow for 3sec to bounce back any 8 ball / Half brick back ! time for cooldown 30 sec / 1 minute Add an Animation could be cool. Reduce the cooldown to 2 sec / 5 sec could be a nice mini ball game between 2 user with this amazing mod. Miranda Law: « You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. ....... But we are in SanParo! We need Interrogatory Orange Mod! (only for enfo) How it works: Enfo stuns a Crime Near the stunned crime, Enfo press 5key for active the mod (crime is arrestable too during attivation) All the opponent's team is spotted on Radar at every distance for 5-8 seconds! Pros: Spotting enemyes better than Dogfish. Cons :requires great cooldown, Enfo with this mod is spotted on enemyes radar during activation. Tactic Broken Bottles. (only for crimes) Like the fireworks or stereo, but with parallel fuctions: Type:Grenade (3 for equip) How it works: Crime launch the bottle (obvious silent on radar when used) When the bottles impact the ground,cars or walls create 1 single fake target on radar for 10-15 seconds) if bottle impact directly an human target deals +-10% damage, +-40% stamina Pros : Fake target, amazing sound, 3 bottles combo is a stun weapon for crimes Cons: Somebody could drink them instead of launching. DOG-MOD as video explains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxrAYI1HG2o Enfo should have the ability to interact with Citizens too! An identiki tool for find criminal hidden in map. V,IV,III,II,I How it should works: Enfo interact with Fkey to a citizen (it works also without the tool, but very slow), citizen begin to "talk" with enfo. If a crime is nearest to 100-200 unit is spotted for 5-8 seconds (icon of handcuff will be shown too, if active) if the crime is nearest to 30 unit witness mission automatic starts. time for gain the spot depends by grade of tool (I,II,II,IV,V) like other tools. Is treadable. new titles! new ranks! \^--^/ Could be cool and avoid the insane advantage of crime and balance cop's finance just a bit. Repair ToolBox (suggested before BLOWTORCH release, but still useful) when activated, all vehicles near player are under fixing for 10 sec max. (player is hold like ammo bag open) time for reload = 3 minutes Fast Check In: when activated allow to shooting with secondary while carrying medium items, or opening doors for 10 sec, deployable after 3/4 minutes Posted 18 June 2013 - 11:44 PM someone did this suggestion too? Repair toolbox.
  2. Hello people! I would like to share another idea for christmas. Whats about having deployable snowmen? It could be a item that you can only use during christmas time. Either it could be a orange modification similar to the display banner: Or it could be a yellow modification similar to the shield: I am not sure if the snowman should get any special feature, so here are a few ideas from no feature till protection similar to the shield: Version 1: No Hitbox You can run through it You can shoot through it Version 2: Hitbox for players You can shoot through it, but also damage the snowman Version 3: Hitbox for player and bullets Similar to the shield but gets destroyed faster Maybe even something totally different? Example Pictures: The main idea behind that suggestion is to have a few more different christmas things instead of only players outfit and snowballs and HOHOPGL. It shouldn't be something totally game changing. If there are any question feel free to ask also I would like to hear your opinions!
  3. Hey all, here is my suggestion for more consumables that in my opinion could be added in APB. I like diversity and unique battles so I am suggesting more stuff to make the game more fun! I made a list under of what I would like to see in the future for when it comes to consumables so maybe more will be added. I made other threads about weapon mods and car mods. Please note that this thread is for consumables and not modifications. [Radar Beacon] Effects: Deploys a Radar Beacon Detects enemies within 10m Consumable appears on Radar of detected enemies This consumable is inspired by the modification for vehicles 'Mobile Radar Tower'. It would act the same way but instead it would be a deployable Radar Beacon that detects enemies for half of the range. Just like the satchel charge, it would take only one bullet to destroy it (and do no damage). Your location reveal could be crucial for the opposite team. [Poximity Mine] Effects: Deploys a Proximity Mine Detonates after 1.5s when enemies are within 5m Spots hostiles opponents caught in the blast radius for 3s. (inspired by flare ammo but I am not sure about adding this one...) Enemy players can see when they are tagged. Can be destroyed without causing explosive damage if the mine is shot at. Causes 30% health damage with very low hard damage* and a blast radius of 5m. *Satchel Charge already have a high amount of hard damage Since there is no mines in this game already I thought we could add them as consumable to make it easier. Carrying it like any medium item in game this consumable would be very good for flankers and to protect objectives in a mission. Having a delay on it before it detonate makes it more fair and balanced since this item doesn't fall in category of grenades. A small damage input would make it worthy for moments where it is crucial to have more defense than attack and lacking help of reinforcement. Perfect for narrow places packed with enemies! [Invisibility Mutagen Vial] Effects: +80% invisibility +300% footstep noises -20% health Appear on Radar of enemies within 10m Disables Player Name while active. Removes invisibility if damage is taken or the player fires a weapon. Invisibility duration could last up to 8 seconds. Inspired from the Epidemic Event for it's name, this vial will give the player a stealth advantage in fights at the cost of health and louder footstep noises. Removing the player name tag above their head makes it difficult for friendlies to notice if it is an ally or an enemy. Otherwise it is a great tool for stealth infiltration in missions but the enemies can detect you or hear you louder if you are too close to them making it more fair.
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