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  1. Shader configs that disables visual elements you can't normally turn off? Stuff that gives visible outlines to models, even through obscuring VFX? Yes. Text edits to scoreboard/notifications such as "Kill" to "That'll Teach 'Em"? No.
  2. Hi all, Sorry for being useless again at updating this thread. The main post is now up to date with the latest information, including this weekend, which is hosting THEME SCENE SEASON 2 | ROUND 4 All necessary info pertaining to this round is in the main post, please give it a read. Sorry for the late update. I'll be quicker.
  3. I'll post the current tier lists I have. These were done on stream with a lot of participants. We argued over the placement of quite a few of these. It's not the best presentation, but I hope it gets the point across. PRIMARY WEAPONS [EXCLUDING LTL AND EXPLOSIVES] SECONDARY WEAPONS [EXCLUDING LTL AND FLAREGUN]
  4. Hi, I'm having a problem when I try to connect to the server. Could not you help me?

  5. Kempington Incorporated Presents... The Theme Scene SEASON 2 Kempington Incorporated would like to proudly announce a new, exciting initiative for all those budding music creators out there. Everybody loves a good jingle, so why not get rewarded for producing the best theme of the week? Might sound a bit too good to be true, well the pioneer run of this event already happened last week, with plenty of entrants and fantastic tunes created. Potentially and ambitiously set as a MONTHLY event, entrants must create an in-game theme. In-case you were wondering, yes, it has to be created in the same month as submission. No previous creations allowed here, we want to see what new and creative entries you can come up with in the span of a week. Given that you do submit a theme, there are a couple of rules you must abide by (those will be covered in just a moment in a clear and concise manner). To make things a little fairer, you can only submit one theme. Of course, make sure it's your best one (if you've made more than one in a week, though that'd be surprising!). Now, I hear you ask "Well, what's the prize for this? What's the point in participating?". Intrigued by the sound of £100 to your paypal account? Somehow, I think you might be. Also, if this contest gathers some momentum, we might just change the prizes to be even sweeter! Give it your best shot. Make some magic in the theme studio. Now then, onto the details of this competition: Submission rules: One theme per entrant. This is done on CITADEL. No stolen themes, please. I know there's a way to rip an equipped theme from another character you inspect. When asked, if you could put the theme on the marketplace for clarification (if needed), that would be great. No previous themes. The theme has to be created in the month. As much as I love some of the themes that are already in-game, I want to see what you ladies and gentlemen can come up with, under a time span. No Collaborations. This has to be ALL your own work. I will no longer accept collaborations between two or more individuals. How to Submit: - Create your Theme in the month! - Prefix the theme with: TS2- (This has to be in the title!) - Put your theme on the marketplace ON THE FRIDAY BEFORE THE COMPETITION . SEND THE THEME TO "CAINETHEJUDGE" - The competition will then take place ON THE LAST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH , where viewers on the stream will vote through the themes they like the most to the finals. (If you submitted a theme, feel free to watch, as I'll need to contact you if you win to send you the prize!) Next Round of Season 2 Saturday, 25th May Submit your entries on Friday, 24th May! Current Genre: Disco** (Make whatever you like) Theme length limit: 20 seconds* *The last note of the theme has to be played before 20 seconds is up. If you have delay on the note that repeats it after 15 seconds, that's ok. However, no more notes of the song can be played after 15 seconds. **The genre of interest is Disco, meaning you will earn a multiplier effect to your votes if you enter with a theme that matches the Genre. YOU CAN ENTER WITH ANY THEME, AS LONG AS IT WAS CREATED IN THE MONTH, but you might not necessarily get through to the later rounds. Current Prize(s): £100 to your paypal account SEASON 2 PREVIOUS ROUNDS: 27/04/2019: WINNER: Schlepstein 2nd: BentleyCoupe 3rd: Zaster 4th: Spanking 5th: vintMintt 6th: lowpass 7th: Vacancy 8th: FRANKTENPENNY187 30/03/2019: WINNER: Qoooooo 2nd: Schlepstein 3rd: Egocentrism 4th: vintMint 5th: FRANKTENPENNY187 6th: lowpass 23/02/2019: WINNER: Arwoss 2nd: Prayers 3rd: Duhund 4th: Esgobar 5th: Spanking 6th: Schlepstein 7th: Lowpass 8th: Boofu PREVIOUS THEME SCENE COMPETITIONS:
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