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  1. OSCAR. Min TTK kills are unbelievably satisfying with it.
  2. I'm so very glad you brought up the whole "it's harder to stun" thing lily, I really am. You see, most people don't differentiate between "stunning" someone and "arresting" someone. You can abuse the fact that someone is stunned to go after the next enemy, deliberatly wait until the stun player is about to recover, then arrest or kill. You then make them wait even longer to get back into the fight, whether it be waiting for the arrest to finish and respawn screen, or just the respawn screen. Either way, you're taking a player out of the fight for longer than 20-25 seconds, which can make a huge difference in a team fight. Yes, you sacrifice a secondary weapon that can kill, but you can also take practically any primary in the game and it can setup the PIG for you in its previous state. As mentioned, ISSR-B + PIG. You have all ranges covered and don't have to worry about CQC much either if you play smart. Noob_Guardian, your argument of "sorry you got ambushed" is a null point, as that can be applied to practically ANY gun in the game if you get caught by someone on a corner waiting for you. That does not apply here. You also forget how potent corner popping is. See the JG for example. There's quite a stur about how the JG almost beats everything in CQC with minimal effort due to being able to abuse cover exceptionally well and hit very hard in a single shot. Sure, that's its role, but in a third person shooter like APB, it's devastating. Percussions are a problem in of themself and are not a direct factor of making other weapons viable. However, as mentioned before, the PIG doing 950 stun damage and allowing any primary weapon to tap you, was more of an issue. PIG Percing is annoying as hell, don't get me wrong, but that's not because of the Perc alone.
  3. Except that doesn't solve anything at all. You just make percs less effective, so what? You'd have to basically remove the stamina damage from percs if you wanted to keep the PIG the same as it was. That doesn't solve the problem. Another one of the big issues with the PIG was the fact that any primary weapon could setup the PIG for a stun in one shot. Pair that up with cover, corners, getting the drop on someone and they would have absolutely no time to react or respond to you doing what you're doing. I'm not trying to downplay the annoyance and prevelance of PIG + Perc, but that wasn't the ONLY thing that made the PIG ridiculous. That's just the most common because it requires practically no skill or input from the player to succeed. A gimmick, as it were. A pretty notorious combo for this was the ISSR-B + PIG combo. Tap them once with the ISSR-B and immediately stun them with the PIG. It really wasn't hard to do. Plus, you had a primary weapon that could easily play up to 85m, so you weren't exactly limited in range. This change has significantly reduced the effectiveness of tapping with a primary and stunning with the PIG, as well as reducing the effectiveness of PIG + Perc. You can still PIG + Perc, but you actually have to hit them with the perc, not just throw it remotely close to them.
  4. The PIG on its own wasn't a huge deal. The problem was how well it performed switching to and from it. With no other reasonable change viable, the stun damage reduction allows the pig to be a great finisher and game changer, but requires more skill and initial effort in order to set it up. You can still PIG + perc, but the perc can't just clip the target. It has to do full damage to stun, practically.
  5. I'd like to politely ask people to go try these changes out when they're live and see what experience you have with them, rather than jump to conclusions from figures. We try our best within the time frame to test as many possibilities, match ups and options as possible. We won't get them all, there's simply too many. The changes made were thoroughly thought and debated, until a conclusion was met with each. I would encourage people to try them out when live, rather than throwing shade on them now before the changes have even happened. It's very easy to read the figures on paper and assume something is now useless because it got nerfed. We're going to be very interested to see how this plays out in the larger environment and how the changes are received after people have tried them.
  6. I guess I should post here, too. Bear in mind, the moustache on Kempington's face scuffed the AI, but it's the best I could get.
  7. That was more in place as a downside for when tracers were a thing, since suppressors remove tracers. That hasn't been a thing for ages so the downside doesn't make sense. The FBW-SD used to have 12 round mag capacity by the way. I don't know, RP got super lazy later on with suppressed weapons and never revisited the mods. Also you're absolutely right. Realistically, the OBIR and cr762 outshoot the ISSR-B at range in a heads up fight as you can't min-ttk with the ISSR-B due to the bloom. However, you can poke with the ISSR-B safer than the cr762 and it's inherently more consistent due to the accuracy. Whilst the cr762 won't typically miss at its effective range maximum or further, it still does on ocassion. The ISSR-B doesn't. I do understand where people are coming from regarding the ISSR-B and its less versatility now. Motorola is bang on the money with how AV is not practical at all, given their inability to help in an actual shootout after the cars are gone. However, the ISSR-B is still pretty potent as an AP weapon. It may not be meta, but it's still a solid pick for a ranged weapon.
  8. I need to ask if you have. ISSR-B has incredible jump shot accuracy that can 2 shot burst in mid air with good consistency. Whilst you won't necessarily min-ttk ever with it, that's not all there is to a weapon in apb. I must admit my last post was when I was half asleep and exaggerated a bit, but I would like to say that if you know what you're doing, the ISSR-B is pretty powerful at all ranges inside its effective range.
  9. The ISSR-B prior to this was more versatile than an N-TEC. It literally did everything. It was a threatening sniper, incredible AV cannon and had the hipfire to play semi-competently in CQC. You could burst out two quick shots for an insta-halving of a target's health as support or a finisher and you could almost stop any vehicle from escaping with a mag dump (which didn't drop off hard damage until beyond 83M). It was far too good at AV, given its potential against players at any range and still being fully mobile, so dropping the AV aspect was a good move. As mentioned, you could stop chasing vehicles whilst leaning out a window for Christ sake. Even with the AV reduction, the ISSR-B brings a multi-role weapon to the table that's capable of supporting any gunfight you throw at it, as well as comfortably take on the majority of the roster from favoured positions/ranges. Imagine the OSCAR, but now giving it 83m range and the accuracy to back it up. It's the closest comparison I can make (regarding the ability to fight at any range in its effective range with ease).
  10. You're trying to tie two separate systems that are not correlated with each other. The P5/N5 system was not a measure to balance bad matchmaking. Even I'm not sure exactly the original purpose, aside from giving the player a high risk/high reward challenge of they're doing well in a mission. However, that simply isn't the case anymore. Matchmaking and threat are a completely separate issue that needs to be resolved on its own. P5/N5 added frustration due to the high probability of death, seemingly at random, from anyone else in the district. Don't forget, other players were using this system to grief others in both ways. P5/N5 players were using it to blow up player vehicles/go on rampages against the whole district, whereas others would get hunted down seconds after getting bounty, disrupting their mission. Especially in close missions, where the teams were mostly balanced, random P5/N5 would easily sway the mission in favour of the team without the bounty player and could get them the win. Sure, for some, they would see it as an opportunity to win against a difficult team, by getting the entire district after them. But in the long run, that's not good game design.
  11. Wrong. P5, N5 was a novel idea that used to have increased rewards if you managed to keep it by the end of a mission. You'd get a huge standing/cash multiplier for being P5/N5 if you won a mission. RP removed this bonus years ago, hence making the increased risk and no reward a frustrating mechanic to deal with. You could easily obtain N5/P5 in the middle of a mission even if you were doing badly and lose the mission/stage, because some random has conveniently ran you over at the worst time, or someone took a pot shot at you to finish you off. A lot of players have asked for this to be reworked for years. Having it disabled for now is a stop gap measure for a better system to be implemented.
  12. Hate to say it, welcome to marketing in general. Same stuff happens on eBay, gumtree, you name it. Item flipping is a common practice in many other games with player markets. Buy low, sell high. If you can't handle that possibility, advertise your stuff, but don't sell it on the player marketplace. Sell it through the trade system and put them for higher prices. It'll still get flipped by someone, but at least your revenue will be higher. Theme makers have the same issue. People will rip the entire theme off someone, remake it under their name and sell it for ludicrous prices. Basically, exclusive themes sent to friends become public overnight if you're not careful.
  13. Bit of a shake up to the meta since I last did a tier list. There's a few weapons missing: Oblivion -> A Tier UL-3 "Jersey Devil" -> C Tier FR0G (All Variants) -> B Tier
  14. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. While it may not necessarily be that particular time of day when you read this, I was aptly informed to create a forum thread regarding my twitch channel. Schedule: Monday - Thursday: 6:30pm* - 11:30pm* Friday: 6pm - Late (read: after midnight) Saturday: Afternoon Start - Late Sunday: Afternoon Start - 11:00pm * Please note that these times are the the start points I want to hit, but I do typically run late on this due to other arrangements. Updates: Typically, you can find out the moment I'm going live from my twitter. If you're interested in joining in further (rather than JUST the APB streams), I have a discord you can join here. What Is Streamed: Presently, I have the following arrangement for the streaming week: Focus Game: This is the game I typically play and stream during the week day streams (excluding Friday). This is one that I plan on investing more time into or I'm having a lot of fun with. This can vary depending on what I feel like doing, but typically it'll stick to one game for the week. APB Stream: I have Fridays booked as a guaranteed APB Stream. Unless something else comes up or I'm not able to stream on Friday, you can expect this day to be when I stream APB. Weekends: Anything goes. I might try out some other games or continue playing the focus game that I've been streaming over the week. Depends what people are interested in. It's definitely more flexible here. I might even sneak in an additional APB stream if I feel up for it or it's been going well. The Stream:
  15. Oh god, it's RTW APB social all over again, except instead of Heath Ledger Jokers running around, it's Joaquin's turn.
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