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  1. Kempington

    2D Artists Thread

    That's my mistake. There IS a model of Mischa Sennet without her mask on. But I confused her with Pagan, that's my fault. Apologies, you're right.
  2. Pretty sure that's in Venezuelan currency. Pretty cheap!
  3. @KnifuWaifu Effigy is a newspaper for San paro.
  4. Kempington

    2D Artists Thread

    That's not too bad at all. However, there are some references to Mischa Sennet online. The character was originally created without the mask on. Still, great take on the character, no complaints here. For reference, here's one cropped picture I found of Mischa Sennet prior to becoming "TipToe".
  5. Kempington

    Remote Detonator Question

    What cool down? No seriously, at minimum distance, remote det will take 2-3 seconds to blow up the car. This timer increases the further you are away. In regards to how often you can use it, it's basically whenever you have your car out. The cooldown really is 1 second. So, if the objective is roughly 40m away near a road and you have a good line of sight drive to it from a nearby car spawner and your car has brick in it, you can constantly send the car in and blow it up. We tested this years ago and it works.
  6. Kempington

    Kempington Incoporated presents: The Monthly Theme Scene

    Gah, sorry for being so lazy and not updating this more promptly. The above is correct and I will be ammending the OP with this information. Thanks again and sorry for being a letdown @Arwo
  7. You're consolidating the potency of the weapon at each range with whether or not it's tangible to use said weapon at that range/ if it can be used at that range. In my mind, those are two separate entities. The N-TEC has the accuracy to play up to 70m and hit every shot consistently when tap firing. However, it's potency doing so is extremely minimal, given its damage drops off after 50m. The N-TEC can be sprayed in close quarters to deal with discerning individuals. However, it's not the best choice for that range at all. It's unfair to say the n-tec is unbalanced primarily because of its versatility. The STAR has just the same amount of versatility as the n-tec in terms of range capability and play, even more-so with regards to hipfiring in CQC, but the STAR isn't OP because of its versatility. I've been using it more recently and some mod loadouts do push the STAR's capability pretty far. It's remarkable. I would say the N-TEC is unbalanced in relation to the other assault rifles in the game, as it does outshine most of them at the 25-40m ranges pretty comfortably. At 50m, it's a bit of a toss-up between it and the n-tec 7 / AR-97 "Misery". And, let's not forget, the n-tec does get outclassed in CQC by the ATAC/ACES Rifle. But it does stand tall against other ARs. Bringing then N-TEC down a peg or two wouldn't really hurt much at all, as long as others were brought slightly up as well. They key here is variety and ensuring you're well equipped for the task at hand. The N-TEC being as versatile as it is and being an easy go-to-choice reduces that requirement a lot, not because it's the best tool for the job, but because it can be done, just not as effectively whilst also getting you ready for other scenarios, too. It covers a lot of bases, just not in the best way. The lazy man's go-to weapon.
  8. Even though the STAR is completely outclassed by the ntec in its intended range where it's most effective... Maybe give the ntec more innacuracy when hipfired on the move? The jump shooting accuracy nerf is well founded to be honest. I'd feel ntec needs to be most effective in between the star and the ntec 7, which would put it at around 35-45m.
  9. Ok now I'm confused. Whats the relation to the IR change and ntec jump shooting? How does a rate of fire need when using improved rifling now suddenly make ntec jump shooting appealing? Also, I feel a few are worried about the ntec changes as a good ntec user will never have to use any other weapon in the game. I wouldn't really say that makes the ntec unbalanced, just far too versatile. It's needs a specific role. Short-midrange AR seems about right, with limited long range (65m+) capability. I mean yes, arguably the ntec is fine at the moment. Any competent player can walk over n-tecs at any range, as long as they play to the strengths of their weapon. It's the fact that the ntec can be used at any range up to 65m pretty comfortably is the issue and one of the reasons it's used so frequently.
  10. To be fair, they did say riot would replace fight club and the plan was to remove FC if riot worked out. Not sure if they u turned that decision or not. That being said, I'd be ok with FC being removed with something to replace it. It's a mess at the moment.
  11. Ooh yikes even I didn't know this. Basically BR where one team will inevitably win by what, elimination? Points? 50v50 will turn into car surfing, osmaw heroes everywhere. If the Open PvP playtest was any form of clarity, it should hopefully make them aware of the inevitable spawn camping with osmaw/opgl/aaepds when one team gets the upper hand. I'm willing to see how it turns out... But tread carefully..
  12. Kempington

    Kempington Incoporated presents: The Monthly Theme Scene

    The Last Musician Standing will be posted soon. I'm finalizing a few of the rules to make sure it makes sense to the viewers, as well as the contestants. Don't worry, you'll be given plenty of time to be ready for this. Only the winners from the previous theme scenes can participate in this finale. Prizes are already locked in. They will be announced here soon. Sorry for being so lax with updating this thread. Updated the results from the previous weeks. Huge shoutout to Arwoss for uploading all the winners. Go subscribe to his channel here.
  13. Please do. This is an awesome project and it's amazing to see how far you've come with this. I remember when you first had this idea and posted it on the forums. Great stuff.
  14. Thanks for the playtest. Appreciate you spending time to learn the game a little and see how it works out for the players. As a suggestion, please turn off open pvp. It's a bit of a nightmare to deal with when trying to determine weapon potency in a structured environment when you have joe shmoe, car surfer pro, hunting you down every time you die to spawn kill you again. It also invites players to just sit in spawn areas and either camp inside, or be spawn camped by the dominant side. It doesn't really allow for players to actively test the weapons that need to be tested. I think this was brought up in the Citadel playtest. I was a bit surprised that this wasn't remedied for this, albeit short notice for this do-over. Nonetheless, thanks again.
  15. Kempington

    Meeting someone from the game irl

    I've met a few so far. But please, don't scream "kempington" at the top of your lungs at me across a park if you see me. You know who you are who did this.