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  1. What makes you think they're ignoring it? Because they're not responding? I know it's similar to what Reloaded Productions used to do, but given the already abundant evidence suggesting that the team does respond rather quickly to complaints and even own up to their mistakes, I doubt they're ignoring this issue. Like literally any other multiplayer PvP game out there, a small % of it will be cheaters. Combating cheats is an on-going battle with no visible end. It's not a one fix and your done solution. I'm pretty confident that they're working on implementing a better configuration for BE as well as whatever they plan to do with the remainder of fairfight to improve behavioral detection and combat these individuals quicker. On the subject of a trigger bot, that's... where it gets harder. They would have to remove the crosshair changing colour the moment a player is aimed at. It sounds simple enough, but I think it wouldn't be so straightforward, I'm not sure.
  2. Kempington

    I Miss Colby

    Joker NA BEAST. Best server objectively.
  3. Kempington

    Need to do something with CSG

    And why's that? Care to elaborate?
  4. Kempington

    Need to do something with CSG

    I'd say revert the range of the CSG back to 20m but keep the refire time the same. Gives it a good 13m 2 shot range with a pretty lengthy 3 shot range.
  5. Becoming a bit of an urban prophet are we? Nonetheless, the above are all valid points that need to be addressed. But if I may ask, which would you categorise as the most important? Which would you like to see tackled first? For me, itd be the missions.
  6. Kempington

    Post your pets!

    Bruce (right) and Caine (left).
  7. Lots of interesting thoughts here. I want to respond, but don't have the time. I'll respond when I get home.
  8. Kempington

    Please remove the recoil increase over time on Tommygun

    Actually, why not. The rampant recoil on it makes it undesirable. Even if you manage it, it's not that rewarding. I think at this stage, keep it at the low recoil it has at the start and make that throughout the mag.
  9. Kempington

    Updates on APB development progress

    Good man. A comprehensive report of what's going on that explains the difficulties, current status and a hopeful estimate, along with a solid game plan for this. Thanks so much.
  10. Kempington

    You're not Excused

    My translation machine just exploded. I'm having difficulty deciphering this as well. Sounds like a complaint about dethreaters and smurfs. As well as the extreme skill range within the same threat.
  11. Kempington

    The end of 2018 is near

    No it was not. That was from the blog post. I'm not at liberty to talk about anything that was discussed in London.
  12. Kempington

    The end of 2018 is near

    He said he would like to get the engine upgrade in a playable state for testing on OTW by the end of the year, not fully release it. I'd wait for more news regarding this, however.
  13. Nice changes! Glad to see a little leeway given for some of the rewards and nice quick fix on the primitives.
  14. Kempington

    Playerbase Back To Pre LO Numbers

    Up to 40. Remember, they: - have to be ready - Not in an opposed mission (unless you're called in as backup) - (if solo) not in a group of 4 (unless the game can find other team mates of equal threat to you) - Of similar threat (either combined if in a group or whatever teammate it can find for you if solo) - have to find a minimum of 2 ( you can get around this, but 1v1s are pointless). With the above factored in, it's usually a pool of 15-20 players.
  15. Kempington

    Playerbase Back To Pre LO Numbers

    This is not something that's easily remedied on the current engine. They also have to come up with a threat system that works. Bear in mind that you didn't provide a solution, you just said "fix matchmaking and threat system". How? I think you might find their solution of district phasing (only possible on 3.5) might alleviate some of this problem. I agree that threat and matchmaking needs a look at to better form balanced teams, but there are pitfalls on either side of the possible solutions.