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  1. Bit of a shake up to the meta since I last did a tier list. There's a few weapons missing: Oblivion -> A Tier UL-3 "Jersey Devil" -> C Tier FR0G (All Variants) -> B Tier
  2. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. While it may not necessarily be that particular time of day when you read this, I was aptly informed to create a forum thread regarding my twitch channel. Schedule: Monday - Thursday: 6:30pm* - 11:30pm* Friday: 6pm - Late (read: after midnight) Saturday: Afternoon Start - Late Sunday: Afternoon Start - 11:00pm * Please note that these times are the the start points I want to hit, but I do typically run late on this due to other arrangements. Updates: Typically, you can find out the moment I'm going live from my twitter. If you're interested in joining in further (rather than JUST the APB streams), I have a discord you can join here. What Is Streamed: Presently, I have the following arrangement for the streaming week: Focus Game: This is the game I typically play and stream during the week day streams (excluding Friday). This is one that I plan on investing more time into or I'm having a lot of fun with. This can vary depending on what I feel like doing, but typically it'll stick to one game for the week. APB Stream: I have Fridays booked as a guaranteed APB Stream. Unless something else comes up or I'm not able to stream on Friday, you can expect this day to be when I stream APB. Weekends: Anything goes. I might try out some other games or continue playing the focus game that I've been streaming over the week. Depends what people are interested in. It's definitely more flexible here. I might even sneak in an additional APB stream if I feel up for it or it's been going well. The Stream:
  3. Oh god, it's RTW APB social all over again, except instead of Heath Ledger Jokers running around, it's Joaquin's turn.
  4. This is being moved to little orbit's official twitch channel and will not be done on mine. https://twitch.tv/littleorbit
  5. Shader configs that disables visual elements you can't normally turn off? Stuff that gives visible outlines to models, even through obscuring VFX? Yes. Text edits to scoreboard/notifications such as "Kill" to "That'll Teach 'Em"? No.
  6. Hi all, Sorry for being useless again at updating this thread. The main post is now up to date with the latest information, including this weekend, which is hosting THEME SCENE SEASON 2 | ROUND 4 All necessary info pertaining to this round is in the main post, please give it a read. Sorry for the late update. I'll be quicker.
  7. I'll post the current tier lists I have. These were done on stream with a lot of participants. We argued over the placement of quite a few of these. It's not the best presentation, but I hope it gets the point across. PRIMARY WEAPONS [EXCLUDING LTL AND EXPLOSIVES] SECONDARY WEAPONS [EXCLUDING LTL AND FLAREGUN]
  8. SBSR needs something done to it. Currently it's an underpowered DMR-AV, for all intents and purposes, with a hugely unforgiving recoil pattern for no discernible reason. Hell, even the S-247 "Oblivion" has more use now. However, I am really stumped as to what you could do to the SBSR that would make it unique enough to not be considered a DMR clone, yet still be a fun to use sniper. Don't even get me started on the Coroner, I have no clue what to do regarding that weapon.
  9. Why do I have to answer this? 4:3 being better "because pros use it" is a meme. These people grew up with 4:3 monitors when they were playing shooters years ago (before 16:9 was readily available at an affordable price). Eventually, these individuals upgraded their monitors but wanted to keep the same experience, so they stuck with familiar resolutions and the same aspect ratio (stretched). They are used to this and it's what they're comfortable playing with. There is no discerning benefit for playing at this aspect ratio over 16:9, or at a lower resolution. If recoil is that hard to manage for you, then I can't help you there (supposedly there's less recoil on a lower resolution with 4:3 stretched, but I'm not sure). Honestly, if this is supported or not is not really relevant. The only time it would be is if people are still using 4:3 monitors. I'm fairly certain UE 3.5 supports 4:3 (no clue about the engine update though). To put simply, this was a pointless thread and didn't really need to be brought up. Yeah it looks weird on streams and doesn't show the game in good light, but people do the same stuff on CS:GO etc and have popular streams so who really cares?
  10. Honestly, JG feels better than it used to, CSG is a bit overshadowed now as a result of its changes, but still usable. NFAS...well.. let's not go there for now. If anything, the showstopper is a moderate entry. It has the power, but it does fall short of being a top pick for a secondary. However, this community is extremely reluctant to any change, so it could be a hidden gem. I've had some good success with it and have caught many off-guard with its high damage output and slight fear factor it has when it lands everything. Shotguns are mostly looking to be in a good spot. There's a few tweaks left to be done to a few, but they're now an alternate pick for CQC, as opposed to "everybody runs an OCA". Sure, OCA is still king for short range but I feel CQC has more options now.
  11. Updated the main post. SEASON 2 BEGINS NEXT SATURDAY. GET YOUR ENTRIES IN ON NEXT FRIDAY, 22ND FEBRUARY. CHECK THE MAIN POST FOR MORE INFO! Sorry for the delays. Let's get the theme scene going again.
  12. Sadly, you'll still get some Luke starwalkers (holds rmb and lmb and w key in the middle of the street with a star shooting at an enemy 100m away), but nice to see a non-troll post from you that actually makes sense. Cheers.
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