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Found 3 results

  1. Survivor's Refuge - Halloween Open Social Event Hey everyone! Ella here. I'm very happy to announce that Survivor's Refuge will be hosting an Open Social Event in conjunction with the annual Fallen Earth Halloween event. Details, man! Who Everyone is welcome! The event will be run by the staff members of Survivor's Refuge. Location The event will be hosted between Watchtower and Barrow's Exchange in Sector 1 (Plateau), by the 'From Beneath You' event area. To locate the event function area, type /waypoint 4715757 4054095, then press ALT + P and double-click on the waypoint title. Follow the yellow x. Time The event will run from 8pm to 10pm GMT / UTC (London Time) on Thursday the 1st of November. You can find a countdown to the event here. Event Schedule All times shown are relative to the standard GMT / UTC timezone. Use the countdown above for a reference. All timestamps shown are set in stone- the convoy at Embry and all other locations will be leaving at the EXACT time shown. If you need to be in the convoy, don't be late! 7:30pm- Convoy leaves the LifeNet bunker of Embry and escorts players to the event area. 7:50pm- Convoy arrives at Watchtower to receive the event missions from Dr Medford (/waypoint 4508085 3937390) and Wentworth Trout (Bankers) (/waypoint 4507824 3935792). 8:00pm- Convoy arrives at the event function area (/waypoint 4715757 4054095). 8:05pm- Ella Clinton conducts the official opening ceremony of the event. 8:15pm- Event Devoured / From Beneath You commences (/waypoint 4722455 4040136). 8:45pm- Social time at the event area- have a 30 minute break. 9:15pm- Convoy departs from event function area to zombies event area south of Watchtower (/waypoint 4491687 3905250). 9:25pm- Convoy arrives at zombies. Event Days of the Dead commences. 9:50pm- Convoy returns to event function area for social night event. (/waypoint 4715757 4054095). 10:00pm- Lottery giveaway winner announced. 10:10pm- Social Night event commences. Lottery Giveaway / Other Giveaways To enter the lottery giveaway of the night, simply compose a mail to Ella Clinton ingame, and give a four-digit number between 0000 and 4999. The person who gets the closest to the actual number will win their very own Interceptor Speedster Key. The winner will be announced at the end of the event. Other giveaways will be occuring throughout the event, so be sure to stick around to have a chance to win! Other Information Auctioneers, mailboxes etc will be accessible at the event function area. Instacrafts will also be set up during the break and after the event. Please park your vehicle / mount alongside the road where the event area is. This is to avoid clutter and to make it stand out to other people approaching the area. Donations for the event are welcome! Contact Ella Clinton on forums or ingame. Special Thanks! To Little Orbit, for giving us such a wonderful mix of events to play with! To the Survivor's Refuge staff officer team. To the Support Team Clan for all their help. To you, for taking part and being awesome! I hope to see you there on the night! Please drop any questions or concerns below, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! /Ella Clinton and Logan Montana Director and Co-Director of Survivor's Refuge.
  2. Hey everyone, We at Survivor's Refuge are now looking to see how we can contribute to the general population of Fallen Earth. Therefore, I have created a survey that contains questions which will help us on our endeavours. I'd like to ask you to spare five to ten minutes of your time to fill out this survey, which will be a great help to us, and how we approach our goals in the future. All long answer questions are optional, but we encourage you to give some sort of a response, so that we can make the best of this survey. The link: Click here to do the survey. Please only submit ONE response! Thank you for your contribution. Ella Clinton Director of Survivor's Refuge.
  3. ATTENTION! THE EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED FOR NUMEROUS REASONS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. EXPECTED TIME PERIOD FOR GO-AHEAD IS THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. ----------------------------------------------- Hi everyone! Ella here from Survivor's Refuge. Ever since I founded my clan, I've wanted to do something big with it for the good of other people, and I feel like now I've been more ready than ever- with a steady clanbase and plenty of active members, I feel like we're ready to start giving back to the wasteland. I am extremely excited to announce that as of today, planning is underway for the biggest player-run event that Fallen Earth has seen in years. Enter the Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally. What's this, you ask? The Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally (SRWR) is our biggest project yet. It's an event set to happen in a rally format, that spans throughout the various sectors of the game. The event will consist of: -'Stations' with stationary events planned within the different sectors for players of all levels. -'Pop-up' events set to happen and co-ordinated on the day. -Give-away events and challenges with prizes to be won. -An RP session somewhere amidst the event / after the event to introduce people to RP who have never tried it. -A chance to make new friends, and give yourself a fresh outlook on the game itself. How's this going to work? That's a fantastic question, and that's where a different force comes in. Support Team Clan have kindly accepted to assist us in making this event possible - guiding players, protecting players and acting as checkpoints throughout, to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible. They will be the ones guiding you from A to Z, and we are extremely grateful that Skrzyp has accepted this challenge. Amazing! How do I participate? As we've only just begun the planning phase of this event, we cannot state anything for definite just yet. However, as time goes on and we meet with our core team to discuss how this event will be executed, more and more information will be released. The event is set to take place at the end of July / early August. I'd love to contribute to this event! How do I do this? What's needed? First of all, thank you! There's going to be a lot going on throughout the day, and amongst the various activities and happenings prizes will be won, giveaways will be done and that consists of many, many, many chips being spent. If you'd like to chip in (no pun intended), you can do so by notifying Ella Clinton ingame or on Discord (Hella Ella#8763), and you will be shouted out when your contribution is distributed on the day. Nothing particular is needed, although any item prize-worthy and any amount of chips are appreciated. Every white chip and scrap will go towards the event, and you'll be thanked for it too! (Disclaimer: don't send 1 piece of scrap steel thinking that'll get you a shoutout; be reasonable.) Can I physically help out with this event? Ya sure can! Get in contact with Ella Clinton ingame and she'll let you know what she needs, help-wise. All helpers will be paid! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For now, this is all of the information that I can give out, but when solid ground rules are put in place and some things are put in stone, you'll see an update on this thread. For now, thank you for reading, express your thoughts in the discussion below, and happy wastelanding! Ella Clinton, Founder and Director of Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth Clan.
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