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Found 2 results

  1. ...by giving every participant Autumn Assault skin. I'm not joking. I tried. I tried... And result is that all I got was frustration. I'm fine with some competitiveness... when it's achieveable... and it wasn't. What is wrong with event? How about I make list...? Bah I even put some categories, that's how many points are there: Reward distribution: - JTs as rewards for parcipitation are fine but this rewards were WAY too high - people started treating event as JT machine... - Lovely decision to attach to won weapon skin, 250 jts lead to situation that top players non-stop holded 1st place to get the most out of it too. - THE SOLE FACT THAT YOU MAKE WEAPON SKIN (thing most people looked forward to getting in this event) - AS TOP PRIZE. Maybe it would be obtainable... if not for thousand of issues provided here with this event which effectively kill any chances and leave everything to damn luck... or you need to cheat in that event. (Btw. this sole reason hurt especially people like me who wanted this weapon skins). I saw many bronzes and silver badly wanting this weapon skin... bah even I struggled hell lot to get this skin! (And didn't succeed as well...) Gameplay: - Zone in wierd places... - You don't know where you enter zone and where you exit it. (Which leads me to second point too...) - ...and zones are invisible - Why zones aren't visibly marked in-game? Why instead i get small sign which is easy to skip that I "Entered Zone"? - Horrible spawn placement - Why we don't we spawn in zones all the time? Why we often spawn among groups of enemies? Why enemies spawn behind me? Why do I have to leg to zone 200m (Which leads me to...) - Disabling AI cars when in event - Why disable AI cars when they don't count to gungames and don't do damage in gungame? The fact that after each spawn I was sent backward in progress thanks to poor spawn is insulting at best. - Lack of blowtorch attached to ALL guns - This one is probably only one minor which would improve gameplay to everyone if they are stuck with weapon THEY ARE HORRIBLE WITH. You know i'm not fond of how Anubis or Volcano works... - Zone is open to get out of - This one makes my blood boil. Check proper gungame in any game. There is nothing like "zone" - you put players in certain area and don't allow them out. Why do I have to bother about where the hell is zone? Problem with coding that one? Ok! Then why you don't put it in place like... I dunno Beacon?! Time of event: - The fact that this event is only at certain hours of day and require GM - some people work at time your event runs, others LIKE maybe "SOMETIMES" me... are busy with real life matters. And the fact that GM needs to start it (on GMs on their own I talk later on). GMs support: - GMs on their own - Giving them power to oversight event and then do nothing. Lovely. Result? A lot of cheaters, teamers and people which keep cuckolding 1st place. Say one more time "please" to them, maybe they will listen? (It reduces my "100 chances" to barely "2 chances" I had btw. because leaderboard was in hold of the same people all time. Thanks?). - Taking any power from GMs to prevent what was happening in event - self-explanatory Purpose of this event: - The fact that this event exist... - Nobody asked for it. Nobody wanted it. But... - ...now completionist suffer thanks to it. - I lost all my chances to get skin because of how poor this event is executed. I imagine there is about 50% of playerbase which never even got close to finishing this event AT ALL. - Event for "fun" - but instead turn it competitive in most toxic and competitive community of world. What could possibly go wrong? Surely they won't jump themselves to necks. I did several times. Overall I rate this event as the worst APB had so far. Even when we talk about this one under G1 (and in no degree i'm gonna defend old G1 ever). So here's chance to redeem yourself. Skin to participitants and scrap this event. Finito. (I probably gonna get hell lot of hate to this thread but I don't care... this event made my blood run very hot - I wasn't that angry for months. And from what I saw it wasn't just me.)
  2. So I been playing the event with my friends everyday with my friends since it has came out, and I can say that there are many issues that many of you guys have said but not spoken much about. So here is a small list of things that are apparent issues with the Event as of so far. 1. Event can be stubborn when deciding you are in the area or not. Most everyone talks about this, we could be 1 meter away from the point and it still won't let us in the event. 2. A follow up to issue 1, you can sometimes still be able to get shot at and killed while those around you are still grey. 3. Spawn points seem to be random, you can rather spawn in the action and go right to killing or be instantly killed, or be spawned 200+ meters away. 4. The game sometimes kicks people from the event, ultimately resulting in the event giving you absolutely nothing despite your score (However a gm has told me that LO will be rewarding these tickets back at a later date) 5. Lastly, the issue of actually winning the skin. There are an assortment of different players coming in and for the first few rounds, it is quite alright. but then certain people come in and end up winning most of the rounds. ending up coming everyday and doing the same thing. Asking people politely Doesn't work. For the most of them, the goal is actually preventing others from winning. Now I am not going to just complain about the issues, but I do have some suggestions about how some of these aspects could change to make the event a tad less frustrating. 1. Now I do not know how the event is ran or what you guys modified from the out 12 days of deathmas minigame, but since the area is a big issue, then perhaps in needs to be moved to the fight club beacon map since it was designed to host this kind of event. 2, 3, 4. moving the event to the old minigame map would also help with spawns, since you would be able to attack anyone upon coming back, and be able to use long range weapons more efficiently. 5. Now this is where most of the discussion will most likely spark. Now I had two ideas that have been discussed between friends, now some people have referred to making the top 5 people win the skin; However I believe that it is a tad overkill, top 3 could be a happy medium where those same people can still win their 250 JT and those can still win the skin. another suggestion could be a progression. if someone who wins already has the skin, the next one down should be awarded the skin. Other people have asked to remove to the 250 jt reward, but I personally believe that it will not find the issue at hand. and no player deserves to be kicked from the event for winning too much. You guys can give me some thoughts and suggestions for how you would like things to be done differently with the event. hopefully my feedback will be helpful to better the event.