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  1. Yeah I’ve been trying to get into a district for about 10 minutes now all I’m getting is “entering district” guess this is another day of wasted premium. Gonna stop buying it if this shit keeps happening no point in having it if you can’t even use it.
  2. Apparently this is only happening with the NA Server EU is running perfectly fine. I mean whatever they are doing it’s fuckin killing this game that’s no joke. They put riot in hoping to draw in new players but no one can play because the NA Server is legit that unstable. They also blame it on their “provider” I mean “If” they are even trying to fix this game or bring it back to life they are doing a piss poor job so far
  3. Tbh even with G1 at the end it wasn’t this fuckin bad like fr at least we could still play the damn game
  4. Ya didn’t see it until after I posted this lol, Hopefully they’ll do something about it during maintenance. Not going to get my hopes up though.
  5. So is Little Orbit abandoning us to this horrid amount of lag?? PC version on Jericho is completely unplayable at this point.
  6. Tried starting up my game and it gave me some sort of error looked at further details and it said it was the apb program launcher log that messed up this hasn’t happened to me before does anyone know how to resolve this? Tried repairing it multiple times but it always stopped at that file and opens a launcher crash report window right after it stops.
  7. Tried logging in all I’m getting is an endless loading screen at character selection
  8. Man even back when G1 had this game we didn’t have this many damn problems it’s getting old fast
  9. Real Ninja

    I can't log in

    Lol at first I thought someone hacked my account I was freaking out then got on here and seen this post I was like thank god
  10. Real Ninja

    I can't log in

    Idk maybe someone succeeded in actually killing apb this time... R.I.P the thunder I just got I guess Idk man, Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon whatever is going on.
  11. Real Ninja

    I can't log in

    well just tried getting on through steam and it wont even bring up the apb launcher idk if thts just my computer being stupid or what
  12. Real Ninja

    I can't log in

    Always something lately isn't it
  13. Real Ninja

    I can't log in

    Saying the same for me tht my user ID or password is incorrect
  14. Honestly on this subject, I have been playing this game for a long time and yeah even way back then there was the same problem y’all are complaining about right now. It doesn’t matter if you fix the threat or kick golds out of a bronze district. I mean truth be told when I first started I had the same complaints as you about the golds in bronze but eventually playing against then and learning not to be a baby about it made me just as good if not better then some of them. Threat doesn’t matter. Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Once someone kicks ya patootie ur going to complain I mean this is apb after all who you tryna fool. If bronzes can’t play against silver or golds in a bronze district just keep playin y’all will get better with time just like I did. I mean if they fix this problem it’ll be awesome but they’ll most likely just take threat completely out like XB1 and PS4 then all you bronzes will be doing is saying you going up against hackers or some crazy nonsense like that.
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