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  1. Getting dc everytime I try to join with a character, it's my 6th attempt and nothing yet
  2. Matt give us an ETA, then they overpass 12 hours of that ETA and then now we don't have an ETA, this is brilliant, honestly, u guys are working pretty hard on this...
  3. Thanks for that, i just didn't see this thread before and i'm glad they are aware of this issue, i just hope i can get the reward since i've already completed the roll
  4. Hi, now the pumpinks counts on dynamic event district, but i still can't complete my role so i can't get my reward as well, how am i supposed to complete and get my rewards now? i'm 47/50 and in both districts there's no red pumpinks left to get
  5. Seems like i had the same issue, like what he described, did some in dynamic event district then move to normal districts, and now i left 3 red pumpkins and i completed everything in normal districts
  6. If u put this players that has annoying themes on ignore list u shouldn't listen them anymore
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