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  1. They've posted the weapon balance in the LO discord, basically they reverted this cr 762 nerf, putting back the effective range and increasing the dmg a little bit, basically to indirectly balance the OBIR which was pretty much the only option to the Rifle role (and imo it's still is). They've also buffed LCR in the fire rate interval and bloom per shot
  2. So, we didn't have any changes to the weapons a lot of ppl were talking about? Like the LCR and the CR 762?
  3. I want to suggest a change to an existing item, the default legging material it's pretty similar to the glossy version of it, I'd love to see the leggings with an actual matte material instead of glossy, mainly when u use darker colors u would see it reflecting on the light which I believe it shouldn't supposed to be like this
  4. EmeL

    Ping Issues

    So this starts happening today when I tried to play the game and it's still happening for some reason and I cannot find a solution. Restarted my internet / Restarted my computer / Tried different games (which I had no connection problems or spikes on the ping) . My only guess is the routing connection for APB, if anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it. As you can see my ping is 499ms, and the normal scenario is 130ms when my ping is ok to 300ms when my internet is really bad.
  5. Getting dc everytime I try to join with a character, it's my 6th attempt and nothing yet
  6. Matt give us an ETA, then they overpass 12 hours of that ETA and then now we don't have an ETA, this is brilliant, honestly, u guys are working pretty hard on this...
  7. Thanks for that, i just didn't see this thread before and i'm glad they are aware of this issue, i just hope i can get the reward since i've already completed the roll
  8. Hi, now the pumpinks counts on dynamic event district, but i still can't complete my role so i can't get my reward as well, how am i supposed to complete and get my rewards now? i'm 47/50 and in both districts there's no red pumpinks left to get
  9. Seems like i had the same issue, like what he described, did some in dynamic event district then move to normal districts, and now i left 3 red pumpkins and i completed everything in normal districts
  10. If u put this players that has annoying themes on ignore list u shouldn't listen them anymore
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