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  1. As matchmaking is developed and begins to include cross-server matching, what will become of trading and the marketplace? As easy as it would be to declare the storage load too great and simply disallow trading and sales between characters that don't share a server, I would consider it a mandatory feature, to add to the process of pooling the player-base, that access to the marketplace, trading, whispers, friends lists, and mail are cross-server, as well. Unless the intention for cross-server matchmaking is to never display player symbols nor chat messages from your teammates, much less allow you to add cross-server friend or ignore list entries, I see little reason that these features would involve inventing an entirely new system. I'm sure it's more complicated than I'm making it sound, but I'm sure the LO team is acutely aware of the massive draw that this game's unparalleled customization has for its ability to give players a place to build an identity, an ego, and a cultivatable alternate self that keeps them coming back to play the base game despite the many modern alternatives to it. When could we expect to see these implemented in relation to the matchmaking system? Any insight or even musings are appreciated. PS: Thanks for keeping this thing alive, LO.
  2. Inaccuracy spread is HUGE in this game. When it comes to ranging with auto-rifles, or acquiring a target with a sniper, knowing the absolute center is extremely useful when lining up the next shot as you wait for your spread markers to go down. Also shotgunning is easily twice as reliable given most shots are made while sprinting out from behind cover -a time when you can't see your in-game crosshair. A center dot alone is apparently so useful, in fact, that the Ntec7 Ursus (basically a shorter-ranged full-auto Obeya rifle) comes with a preset mod SPECIFICALLY for showing you the exact center. A blooming crosshair should hamper the accuracy of a weapon, not its operator.
  3. MattScott has said that he and his team want to offer alternatives, themselves, and until they can, they're not going to force players to adapt to an unfinished piece of the game; customizable crosshairs, specifically.
  4. I never made nor sold full nudes. I've had a bare chested symbol in the past, which I was warned about and temp banned for. Shortly after that I was mistakenly temp banned again for someone reporting that symbol not in my possession, but long after I had stopped distribution. After this, I was raided of specific symbols of a butt that was less revealing than the character models in the game. Again, mistakenly. Since LO, I made a nearly bare chested symbol once again, but censored the nipples because that was as much as character models portray. I was raided again, and that's where the inventory wipe came into play. So I've played safe, until recently, when I uncensored the chest upon hearing of Matt Scotts firm confirmation of the rules being exactly what they should have been and have always said... ...Then I started to distribute that symbol as a sort of taunt/celebration in spite of the support team that hasn't returned my legitimate symbols, unearned strikes, or tickets. I still do, but realized there's a lot more I've made over the years that's approved now -mainly that first one I mentioned. And so this is a plea for those to resurface for distribution/safekeeping/sale/etc.
  5. Carbine kills faster 0.75 vs 0.83 Carbine takes 6 shots to kill vs 7 Carbine has more sustained damage (rapid semi vs burst) meaning if you are close to tapping them once more for the win, you will do it faster with the carbine. OSCAR has better ranged damage, but its querk is hipfire ability, and you're not using it there. Joker RFP is a pocket oscar that takes better advantage of peak-bursting with more dmg/burst (something you don't even use on OSCAR, normally), and has better accuracy. OSCAR has been lowered slowly out of meta since sprint-shooting was removed. Use carbine.
  6. TL;DR: Need my old symbols back - Will make it worth your time. Hi all, Since the new-old rules have been re-established concerning symbol creation, I have a bit more freedom as a creator and appreciate it a lot. Unfortunately, during the time before this, mods didn't like to follow the old rules, and so I've had several raids on my inventories over the years, the most recent of which involved every single symbol across two of my characters. If you want to be a swell fella, and happen upon any old symbols made by me (G4B3/G4B3N), please pm me. I'll gladly duplicate and return your symbol(s) - along with other symbols you might want, some APB$, etc for your trouble. Thanks, PS. If you see this, MattScott, thanks for making APB a game I want to play, again. Made a ticket about this, if you've got time.
  7. I don't want an ego-war, but yours needs some trimming, m8. Nobody forgot that you were around because nobody paid it any mind begin with. Not to say you don't matter, but do you actually expect anyone to know that whole backstory offhand much less your perception of it? And did you even read past the topic title? I was extremely non-confrontational about this whole thing which is why, even with several WASP members being present, you are the only one getting your jimmies rustled. /r It's a joke. If you'd like to 'apply', PM me. Like here, on the forum site. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/profile/3267-g4b3/
  8. TY. udabest, cookie xD The primary purpose for this thread is a few laughs, perhaps some discussion, and all in all a proposal not for the sake of a new clan but for the sake of a memorializing a community-relevant joke. There are lots of areas you could post this, but I chose here because it's the "General Discussion", ty. Also, why do you think just because you registered a complaint on the thread that it has a duty to change locations for you in a day? Like @Kivron said, we heard you the first round, m8
  9. INSECTICIDE Inc. Made it for a meme but been getting a lot of requests for membership. Maybe I'll make it a Raid logo or just a ⦰ symbol on the Wasp logo like this. Anyone support and/or wish to join up? Send me a pm -I don't condone harassment or unsportsmanlike aggression towards any players, just a little bit of friendly insurrection and trash talking.
  10. lil peen - big mean

  11. The problem with this shotty buff is that JGs used to suffer at range compared to CSG because of their lower pellet count. This used to mean your shots were less reliable to hit for all their damage and so, to compensate, it had a higher overall damage. Now that the first pellet hit does the most damage, they are just as reliable, if not more. CSG may end up needing a buff like tighter spread or something to set it apart from being a direct downgrade from the JG. Also, obviously, IR3 plays a part in this, too.
  12. Just like the title says.
  13. By overlays, I wasn't referring to interactive, in-game-window programs like Overwolf, but programs whose job is simply to display an image atop all other windows - not an extra layer of tools and apps, just a literal overlay. They make crosshairs that are customizable, lightweight, and don't interfere with game files. Shaders alone may not be too heavy, but both them and things like Overwolf are hardly customizable and definitely edit/add files.
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