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  1. 1. Kyla Doodle 2. Enforcer 3. none 4. usa 5. jg 6. female 7. bass drum of death - crawling after you
  2. Awesome thank you. I probably won't use the dreams crosshair thing cause I personally think it looks like shit but well at least now it's confirmed that people can use it if they want.
  3. I was just saying that until they are actually implemented then the crosshair mod should be allowed that was all. I don't look like kurt cobain lol. I would say the reason people say they can aim better with the advanced launcher is probably just cause the game runs smoother or something I'd say it's definitely a placebo.
  4. comfort that's what I said in the video. It's a comfort thing. Again if you look at the video you can see my aim is exactly the same with or without the crosshair, it's litterally just a comfort thing. It's the same reason in csgo where some people have big crosshairs and others have small ones it just depends on what they like. That's all it's ever been about is comfort.
  5. I paid 200$ for my monitor I'm not putting tape on it.
  6. I think the shape is important too tbh. I prefer dot or cross crosshairs in most of my games but some people like circles and t's and all kinds of stuff so it'd be cool to have.
  7. Ideas and discussion are how we move forward so Imo it's important to talk about and come to a conclusion about the efficacy of things instead of saying "the devs haven't done it yet so I'm against it" what you have to understand is that the developers have limited time and resources and they can't implement every good idea in as rapidly as they might want to so just acting like how the game is in it's current state is law is something that can halt progress. The devs even said the advanced launcher is allowed because they know it can help with preformance and stuff which helps people to be able to play the game in a more stable state while the devs work hard on making the game more stable it's a win-win for the devs cause they don't have to worry about people complaining about the stability of the game as much which lets them focus more on actually developing the game.
  8. @14:03 is demonstration number 1 using the crosshair @25:07 is demonstration number 2 not using the crosshair Hope that helps and sorry for the unedited video. and as you can see there is no advantage provided by the crosshair.
  9. I wanted to try and settle this argument once and for all. Preface: I don't use the crosshair cause I don't want to get banned this is just meant as one time thing as a demonstration to prove that it should be allowed and that it doesn't offer an advantage. Main point: Custom crosshairs are a thing in pretty much every shooter game ever. I think it's really silly that the custom crosshair shader by dreamz is a bannable thing because it litterally alters nothing in the game outside of adding a crosshair. I think that I would prefer an in game custom crosshair settings thing cause honestly the dreamz crosshairs kinda look like shit from what I saw so they're not really a great option compared to other actually decent custom crosshair options in other games like for instance csgo, overwatch, tf2, etc. But until they actually impliment custom crosshairs in game I think people should be allowed to use these. Again I don't use it cause I don't want to get banned, but I feel like that's something I shouldn't have to worry about. I don't think a custom crosshair offers any advanatage and I don't think this crosshair mod should have been made a bannable offense and I think that decision should be over turned unless you plan on releasing custom crosshairs in the near future. Here is video demonstrating it I didn't edit it at all which makes it kind of a shitty video but I figured people would probably call hacks or something if I made cuts or anything like that. So I hope this goes in a positive direction and I hope we can all come to a logical conclusion about this.
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