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  1. Awesome news! I can't wait to test this out!
  2. I get this problem with some VPN servers I connect to. I just change servers and it clears the problem most of the time.
  3. That's why it was so fast.
  4. Lol This got toxic fast. XD
  5. Looks like the home page says that it's under maintenance.
  6. I hope this works out for everyone and doesn't bite us in the butt a few years later with an IP lawsuit battle. Keep up the good work Matt.
  7. Guys, I spent $100 on G1C I think they will have a sale soon. I spent it all so it should be all but guaranteed now. lol
  8. I should spend $5 and then they will have a sale.
  9. I know once I buy something they will have a sale like always.
  10. To my point is that people are putting things on streamers screens to try to get them banned from Twitch. They bring a lot of attention to the game so a little self-moderation would be nice. Also I had another person on discord want me to add they want the blocked cars to still have the kits just not symbols from the symbol editor. Thank you to anyone who brings constructive criticism or new ideas to help LO make this game awesome!
  11. Small ideas for LO. 1. If you block someone their avatar is set to the loading default avatar. Or blocking anything made from the symbol editor. 2. Account blocking to block all there alts with one block. 3. If the user is perm banned or deletes their account they are removed from the block list so they don't take up space. 4. Client-side ignore list. This will allow players to have a small file on their own pc so it doesn't take up room on your servers. I don't want to remove one troll to add another If I block you I have a good reason to do so. An added note. I would love a streamer mode where you can block all avatars by default unless they're your friend. Or blocking anything made from the symbol editor for non-friends. Extra note from Saxtus on Discord. If you block someone their car is also set to a default type of that car.
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