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Found 10 results

  1. Almost all of you remember this system called Refer a Friend, which is a simple system which gives you the option to invite a new player to the game and play missions together, and win points on each mission you win or everytime the referred friend rank up(?). heart of the point is if you are going to bring it back, because I heard you are willing to, in which stage are you going to do so, because it helped a lot of people to get into the game and get interested more in it, in other words it's a valuable kickstarter which will interests a lot of players into coming back or joining the great community again, I am not denying that this system got abused a little, but the only reason of that is the lack of events and giveaways and content that was presented by gamersfirst. Regards, /Recenite
  2. I don’t remember if there was a system like this or there is now honestly. But i’d like to share my ideas about reducing rewards of unmatched threat-district player. For example you will get 50% money and standing reward as silver player in bronze district. In silver district they will get what they should have. Maybe +% reward in gold district?(Might be abused) So what about gold players in bronze district? They should get 0% money and standing reward. In silver district 50% etc... One more idea from me about threats: How about weekly change threats instead of changing instantly after a mission? This system would find real threats of players who will enjoy at their districts and decrease dethreaters’ number because of time period imo. And maybe get some reward as higher as your threats weekly like fight club challenges to encourage players upthreat.
  3. Since we have a trading system there could be some achievement for it. As example: Using trading system for the first time Complete a number of trades And as reward there could be titles like: Trader Tradesman Wholesaler
  4. Mitne

    Rework spawn system

    Spawn system needs serious rework... the fact that you can in some situation spawn litteraly next to opposition or in line of sight of opposition right now is insulting. I have few suggestions what should be done: 1. Add additional starter spawns to FC - similiar to Asylum where you can at start spawn in 5 places, same should be applied to Waterfront (Whole north should be Enforcer starter spawn zone, whole south should be Criminal starter spawn zone) OR 2. Remove starter spawns at all (forced spawns at certain locations when you join district or respawn after end of mission usually make you spawn among enemies). 3. Make spawn system detect if opposition can see that spawn or is in some radius of that spawn (like one or two floors above - this situations happen way too often with current spawn system that you spawn one floor under or above opposition). 4. Additional spawn points in action and FC (Maybe spawns in alleys or outside street too? Currently all spawns are too open.). 5. Propose other spawns if conditions from point 3 are not met instead of locking out all spawns in red. 6. Remove forced respawn for VIPs and team-killed - since they often punish VIPs and team killed themselves. They should have normal respawn like others. OR 7. If you can't get rid of that mechanism - at least make it that this who are forced to respawn where game chooses will respawn as far possible from where they were killed (in case of VIPs at least 500 m, team-kills might be closer). Absolutely disable forced spawn on car spawners (as this both trigger cooldown to spawn in car as well spawn in not so smart places(can spawn half way across map in some random newbie car...)) I think that would fix spawn system to at least decent level.
  5. Which was better, the old or newer system, or a revamp? Or what would you improve on the current/old system? What does the community want/think of it.
  6. Old forum had it.... Time to bring it back!!! Don't look at that damn knuckles.... System: • Intel i7 4790K (4,4Ghz) • Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 TI • Corsair Vengeance 32GB • MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Mainboard Controls: • Razer Deathadder Chroma • Razer Ornata Chroma • 1x Asus VS248 144Hz • 1x Acer VG 248QE 144Hz • Audio Technica AT 2020 • Sennheiser HD 569 Headphones
  7. Currently there is no taxes if you transfer money using the trading system. But there should be taxes to keep the economy of the game in balance. If everyone starts using the marktplace to sell things there will be more and more money each day. Which means that prices can even increase and it will be harder for new people to buy something nice. As much as I don't like taxes we should keep them for our economy. So in my opinion the trading system should get taxes too, atleast for transfering money.
  8. Small ideas for LO. 1. If you block someone their avatar is set to the loading default avatar. Or blocking anything made from the symbol editor. 2. Account blocking to block all there alts with one block. 3. If the user is perm banned or deletes their account they are removed from the block list so they don't take up space. 4. Client-side ignore list. This will allow players to have a small file on their own pc so it doesn't take up room on your servers. I don't want to remove one troll to add another If I block you I have a good reason to do so. An added note. I would love a streamer mode where you can block all avatars by default unless they're your friend. Or blocking anything made from the symbol editor for non-friends. Extra note from Saxtus on Discord. If you block someone their car is also set to a default type of that car.
  9. The current unboxing system of the joker boxes is really boring in my opinion. So why not give it a little upgrade? I created a concept of a new opening system which look more intressting. ( My concept isn't the best because im not a designer) Give us more options to open the boxes: Each box 1 by 1 All boxes at once That are my ideas how the opening should look like: Opening 1 single box: Opening 2 Boxes at once: Opening more boxes at once: The opening animation will be the same. Each row shows maximal 3 rewards. As example: [ Reward 1 ] [ Reward 2 ] [ Reward 3 ] [ Reward 4 ] [ Reward 5 ] [ Reward 6 ] [ Reward 7 ] [ Reward 8 ] If there are any questions or even better ideas feel free to ask or write something.
  10. I just started cleanup of my mail since I completed APB and i'm just stumped. 133 pages of mail full of consumables from events, missions etc. Is there any fast way to get rid of them or am I doomed to slave hours waiting for cooldown to wear down and then grabbing consumable from mail when I use them up?
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