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Found 4 results

  1. I know, know, so many tickets so many things to do. But guys you talk about "" fair support '' and do s*it like this: I want say this: This is not the answear This not resolv any problem Now after 20 days of waiting I KNOW this... And this changes my view of the world This is Social Forum not Support so lets talk aboit it. Do I require too much ? or support shouldn't solve problems in detail. or in my opinion it is time when they can't waste time. for me and others like me ? Someone get this kind of reply or I am first ?
  2. i lost hope really feel sadness in my blood cheater got ban except us people who banned by wrong they are making events and we here waiting please care about us i sent a lot of ticket it have been 1 month till now and i didn't got unban yet please answer me i am tired of that i sent yo guys all the information now i am waiting for reply please give us some care
  3. Dear new G1-Team , I know this Topic isn't interesting and all, but I just wanted to thank you. APB is my all-time-favorite, I loved the game, I wasn't an active player anymore but when I noticed my account was banned without any reason(after I didnt even play a few months), I actually felt rlly bad, cuz APB is the game I wasn't able and didn't wanted to forget about from the first day playing. I'm very optimistic and I know you r trying your best to make an awesome game out of this not perfect, but outstanding and enjoyable game and out of this, in my opinion perfect game-concept. I think that I'm able to speak for every fair playing and reasonless banned player..'Thank you very much, for getting us back and hopefully saving this badly realized but awesome game-concept!' I really appreciate everyone who has still hope for this game and shares my opinion. Sincerely, CoDesigns - I know that it is little Orbit -
  4. For about 2 - 3 years now ive had my account banned unfairly by LadyTiggs because my car lagged and crashed into a hare hare yukai clan car show and they all thought i was greifing. (most people can vouch that she unfairly banned alot of people). ive invested so much money and hours into that account. ive sent in 2 support tickets now and yet i get no reply. its been 2 weeks now and its becoming a joke. if i can get my account unbanned that would just be perfect, if i could kindly get a ETA on when the next unban wave would be then that would be great aswell. ive been very patient but im beginning to lose it. i understand its a big task because so many were banned like me. thank you. - Daevas
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