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  1. Well many peaple said there will be new ranks years ago when nekrova was back i entered it i saw rank never saw before and i saw a T with 273 rank or somthing
  2. i think now everyone who posts his money is getting whispered buy beggers :D i know someone who got 60mill
  3. my friend i am really want to go to play with my friends so sad see YT peaple playing with my friend even anxii and these peaple i want to join them one day :c @Selali @MattScotti hope u see this :c well i can be the last one who get ban but tell me that i will be banned
  4. i lost hope really feel sadness in my blood cheater got ban except us people who banned by wrong they are making events and we here waiting please care about us i sent a lot of ticket it have been 1 month till now and i didn't got unban yet please answer me i am tired of that i sent yo guys all the information now i am waiting for reply please give us some care
  5. btw i am with u but u can say can u stop banning the peaple who dont deserve that and start unban the peaple who didnt hack first
  6. dude ur friend why he banned? dude there peaple got ban for nothing waiting for there unban I got a ban just because i traded with rank 20 i think then after a day or somthing i got banned the flucking prob is that i am middleman i was trusted i didnt scam anyone they said i am scammer i sent onther ticket i said i didint scam u can check tiggs they said because u were hacker LMAO bro Tiggs wanted to give me anyban i hate that
  7. didnt they said u wont be unbanned i think or u not the one who posted that ? u lucky anyways enjoy ma friend me still waiting
  8. @MattScott @Selali why we didnt get ban i banneed for no reason and the cheater got unban and me no why anyways i send all ticket with all info What have you done
  9. When i saw u unbanned in 2nd wave i thought i got unbannes 2 but i saw in my profile status is blocked so i entered game i thought maby the profile having some problems anyways i entered the game i put the email and pw they said the servers offline and somthing like that anyways i tried to put an active account but its a new acc so.. it worrked and opened then i tried to open the banned account it said sane thing so.. anyways I send a ticket with all the informations in it 5739 please check it i hope my acc be back
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