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  1. Hello everyone, I was looking for a fast way of finishing the full roles for the pumpink smasher task, and I found one by myself. With this path done in loop (obviously it's better working if noone is inside the Abington) you could destroy all the pumpkins required in just an hour, doing 18 pumpkins per minute. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9n28x826s4n7r76/pumpkin_smasher.mp4/file I don't know if someone have a better walktrough but I hope you'll find it useful :)
  2. I'm wondering, I'm the player with the biggest amount of money on a single character or someone beated me? 'Cause this is a large amount of money (31 freaking millions 0.o)
  3. About the modifications, usually the highest prices are between 90k and 70k,if you have a lot of money,like I had more than 5m, you don't really care about searching the lowest price since you know the highest is't more than 90k, so, like I did, I just buyed without cheking properly, and later I reconised I did a mistake losing lot of money that I worked hard for
  4. @HexerinThis would be lovely since the text in game is very small,above all if you're playing on high resolution like me. Last time I putted an ursus for 300k instead of 3m 'cause of the zeros. But what we can do, the only thing is being more attent to the little things sometimes. Unfortunately we cannot put commas by ourself xD.
  5. Can't belive this happened also to you, the last week I did your same mistake,losing more than 4m apb$. Unfortunately you can't get your money back because you're supposed to read carefully the price and he can put whatever price he want. If I can give you and advice,next time read two or three times the price before buying something. Also I think it's against the rules of the forum to give the name of a player publicly,whatever he did.
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